Swedens Muslim minister turns on veil

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Oct 22, 2006.

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  1. THE latest media darling of Scandinavian politics is not only black, beautiful and Muslim; she is also firmly against the wearing of the veil.

    Nyamko Sabuni, 37, has caused a storm as Sweden’s new integration and equality minister by arguing that all girls should be checked for evidence of female circumcision; arranged marriages should be criminalised; religious schools should receive no state funding; and immigrants should learn Swedish and find a job.

    Sabuni believes all immigrants must try to become proficient in Swedish — just as she did when she arrived from Africa aged 12 — rather than alienating locals.

    “Language and jobs are the two most crucial things for integration,” she said. “If you want to become a Swedish citizen, we think you should have some basic knowledge of Swedish.”

    In Sweden she is best known for her suggestion that adolescent girls should have compulsory examinations to make sure they have not been subjected to genital mutilation. “It would enable us to prosecute people carrying out the practice,” she said.

    According to Sabuni, many politicians have shied away from talking about the need for assimilation rather than multi-culturalism

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  2. I'll send some flowers to her funeral - it wont be long.
  3. She’s got bigger balls than Blair, do you think she’d like a job in UK government?
  4. Good girl. Why dont we have people like that?
  5. Here in the Netherlands, Ayaan Hirsi Ali suggested a similar program to check for female genital mutilation, but the left-wing parties watered it down because they didn't want to "stigmatise" people who may be taking their young girls off to African countries to have the side walls of their vagina scraped with glass, their clitoris and sometimes also labia removed, and their vagina sewn shut.
  6. Sounds as if she's got the right idea. It's amazing that with a much larger muslim population no similar figure has emerged in the UK.

    Sandy_boots is right though, it won't be long before some reactionary dinosaur in the 'muslim community' has a pop at her.
  7. Swedish Population: 9,001,774 (CIA World Fact book)