Sweden! We Latvians beg to occupy us

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Dec 10, 2008.

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  1. http://www.petitiononline.com/lugums18/petition.html

    Now there are 3188 Signatures, sorry 3199... Sorry there 3203. With such speed... There are 3209 now within few seconds.

    It is a recent article about difficult economic situation in Latvia


    Meanwhile there are 3224 signatures.
  2. So, in a nut shell.

    Latvia stopped the brits on the p1ss, country goes broke?

    The power of beer eh?
  3. It is quite telling they did not petition to become Belarus or Russia, though... :D
  4. Centuries ago Latvia was occupied by Sweden. But who now remember it? How soft or hard was the occupation?

    So just wait few centuries.

    There are about 40% of Russian or Russian speaking people in Latvia. So some could prefer to invite rather Russia as an occupying force, moreover many Russians in Latvia still haven't Latvian citizenship.

    Btw, Latvia was a part of Poland. So the Latvians could ask Poland to occupy them as well. But Poland is not super-rich country. So the main reasons are economical. If Russia would be rich prosperous country with high living standards then the Latvians (at leas new-born generation) would change their mind.
  5. Well Sergey the Latvian Government evidently has not lost its Soviet influence !


    Last time I was in Riga its main business seemed to be providing banking services for the sort of Russians who were not allowed to open Swiss bank accounts. I'm sure that that has taken a dive, then apart from the fine women and some agriculture they have a spirit made out of Pine resin, not really enough.
  6. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Whoever is signing the petition, stupid. Smart choice too, given the other options you name
  7. Oh Sergejs!

    The residents of Latgale Province DO have Latvian citizenship, if you believe the EU.... Although granted, the Latvian government does take the rather hard line view that Latvian citizens should be able to speak Latvian sufficiently well enough to integrate.

    I know a great many citizens of many countries who take the view that if you live there, you should be able to use the language. I mean, look at all those Koreans, Chechens, Azerbaijanis and Americans who are taking the bread out of the mouths of Muscovites and don't even speak proper Russian... ring a bell?

    Although, I do agree that having "S"'s added to your name is a little bit bit silly.



    P.S. They just have some residual "Okupanty" issues :)
  8. Hey Sergey?

    It comes to me that Russia was founded by Vikings so why not ask to be integrated into the Greater Scandinavian Federation?

    Vodka, Sauna, Smoked Rheindeer meat, it wouldn't be that different would it? AND there's more blondes :p
  9. Moreover many believe that the very name Russia is of Scandinavian origin. So Sweden is a natural part of greater Russia. Or Russia is a part of greater Sweden.

    As for Parex Bank then its ads were frequent on Russian TV. Latvian actor (well known in the Soviet union) plays role of a clerk. A boy enter the office with his modest money

    Boy (with Latvian accent): Will not you tell to my mother?
    Clerk is turning his head slowly from right to left

    Btw, Parex bank is a bankrupt. Likely because Russian clients withdrawn their money.

  10. Interesting stuff. Sounds a lot like the movie "The mouse that roared". So if the whole petition thing falls thru they could always invade New York with crossbows, lose the war, and accept the foreign aid :)
  11. We Britons beg...

    the Swiss to occupy us!

    Just think, the chavs would be chopped up, placed in a neat pile, and burnt efficiently... and just for stepping on the cracks in the pavement.
  12. Correction.

    I take it, you refer to Rurik?

    1. Rurik was a grandson of Russian Grand Duke of Novgorod Gostomysl;
    2. When his father was killed, his mother Umila (the daughter of Gostomysl) sought refuge in the land of Franks, where she remarried and had another son;
    3. When Rurik and his half-brother grew up they joined Varyags, not Vikings!, who were basically multi-ethnic mercenaries and more oftern than not joined forces with Vikings. Rurik laid siege to Paris, took London, and acquired a reputation of a decisive, fearsome commander. When Gostomysl realised his eldest grandson Vadim was not a Grand Duke material he invited Rurik to share in power. He came to Novgorod with his varyags. Vadim tried to raise against Rurik, was killed and the dynasty of Ruriks was established in Novgorod.
  13. That's exactly what we used to say in the days of the Soviet Union: we should declare war on ..... (country of choice) and let them occupy us.
  14. That's the guy, didn't know that about him. So why "Rus" then?

    Are you sure it wasn't Kirk Douglas? I've seen the film....
  15. Rus, as in red. Many "Vikings" were Gwarrs.