Sweden closer to NATO

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by david1986, Feb 9, 2010.

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  1. I just found a video on NATO and Sweden. Is Sweden involved in any current ops?
  2. They do a bit of UN stuff, but they'll never do NATO as there's no need or threat to them. Shame really, great bunch of blokes and as for their nurses, hubba hubba!
  3. I very much doubt it. They are one of the 3 parasitic states [the others being Ireland and Switzerland] who happily live under NATO's umbrella under the guise of neutrality.
  4. Why would a Wiltshire town become part of NATO? ........ oh wait, you said Sweden, sorry.
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  6. They managed to stay neutral during World War Two and were left alone. What benefit is in joining NATO, and destroying their neutrality (expending more money on their armed forces for little advantage)?

    Never happen.
  7. Bit harsh, I'm sure that the Swiss were there before NATO was and I'm sure they couldn't really have much say in what defence organisations the countries around them join.

    As for the Swedes, how are they under NATOs umbrella? You do realise that to one side of them is Finland, not a NATO member state, then Russia. I don't see how there is a ring of NATO member states around Sweden protecting her from whatever may come; and you could argue that with recent trends of international terrorism it wouldn't even matter to the most likely threats if they were surrounded by NATO armies or not.
  8. I beg to differ on the subject of Switzerland. Even Adolf had second thoughts about marching in there, largely because his Generals said no chance, too costly. I think that had Ivan attempted to go where Adolf feared to tread, then the bear would have come out minus his fur coat.
  9. Having been neutral for 200 years,they are hardly to change now.Sweden does operate with the EU and UN military operations and exercises with neighbours and sends their jets on exercises in Britain and the USA among others.

    Their military has been cut back heavily over recent years.They will be down to 2 fast jet bases before long from just under 20 at the height of the cold war.
  10. Two Swedish soldiers were killed in Afghanistan on Sunday, if that's any good to you.
  11. Neutral-ish. There's a few Norwegians with long memories who would question Sweden's neutrality during WWII. Exporting iron ore from Kiruna through Narvik to Nazi Germany doesn't sound very neutral to me either.
  12. Thanks for that Hackle, beat me to it.
  13. Their neutrality was demonstrated by the fact they would sell 'ore to anyone.
  14. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    There's over 400 Swedish Servicemen - and women.... serving in Afghanistan, under the command of ISAF - which is a NATO Command. so, for all intents and purposes, they are working within NATO already. They have a PRT in the North, at MAzar-e-Sharif, and an OMLT.

    Even more so than is the case with Ireland (Also in ISAF), they know that Europe hangs together or hangs separately in Afghanistan. Very pragmatic people, the Swedes.

    And just to cheer you up - the regular picture section of the Swedish English Language paper "The Local", showing young people enjoying themselves............
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  15. They took in Jewish refugees from German-occupied Denmark and didn't mind us running agents and saboteurs from their country into German-occupied Norway though.

    I think you'll find they also provided 'volunteers' to Finland to keep the Russians out.

    Neutral, but also certainly not afraid to help out their fellow Nordic neighbours.