Sweaty Palm - 14 Sigs

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by crashers, Nov 27, 2006.

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  1. In my dim and distant past i remember an E+E exercise when at 14 Sigs (When they were at the sharp end in Celle, '91 :wink: ) - never had such a f**king laugh in all my life; after fun and frolics at Langeleben we were thrown out of a truck (After being strip searched and redressed in some 60's army greens) and left to run wild in the the German countryside and given virtual carte blanche to beg/borrow/steal anything you needed to get from A to B without being caught by 2nd Anglian hunter teams - get caught and you were beasted/interogated to death with the able assistance of JSIO!!
    Remember dossing down in a Pub for the night (FREE FOOD AND BEER) - the German populace knew what was going on and loved it; sleeping in the open in sub artic conditions (or so it seemed); being amazed at what the runners had managed to conceal on their person (Owwwwch); watching scouse Wh**ton getting captured and waving to him from a farmers window with butty and coffee in hand from 50M away (Soz mate - you snooze, i win!) and best of all, tripping an ambush at night (blacker than a witches t*t) - unknown to our team there was another team coming in at the other end of the kill zone - ran off during the melee leaving the poor t*ats in the other team to deal with a huge can of hurt while trying not to sh*t my pants and split my sides (You can do both!) laughing at Gr**t P*c*ck who insisted on bouncing off every tree in Northern Germany :D .
    Post Ex everyone looked like the wild men of Borneo having not shaved or washed for over a week and losing a fair bit of weight in the process. Hard work but one of the best Ex's i ever did . . . Anyone else remember this one or any others that come close . . .
  2. It was still continued in Osnabruck... In Wales it became Chasing hte Dragon or something.
  3. Yup, Sweaty Palm was an annual entertainment all through the 80s at least. Huge laugh, except for the years when the final capture led to a pukka interrogation with the nice men from JSIO.
  4. ... and they were still doing that in '94 :cry:
  5. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Sweaty Palm - now there is a phrase I have not heard for a while.... :roll:

    Dont remember laughing too much while I was pi55 wet through for days on end though.... Looking back (from my comfy office, coffee in hand) twas a character building experience for sure.

    Trying to remember some of the "legend" stories that were floating around - anyone got one?
  6. 3 x US Rangers in 91 who spend the whole of Battlefield Innoculation phase telling us how it was 'piss easy' then all 3 withdrawing within the first 24hrs of E&E muttering shite like 'inhumane' and 'disgraceful' and generally crying alot. ;-)
  7. Without doubt the best exercises I ever did. Ran in 92, hunted in 93 and 94 and then asked to run again in 95.

    I think the best one was in 95, the last one. New the score by then and managed to evade capture as they basically used the same scenarios each year.

    Remember an RSM on one of the exercise, obviously wont say which one. Hahaha. He thought he was the best thing since sliced bread until he was matched up with a particular female signaller who basically led the team and gave him s**t.

    During the first run we were luckily enough to have met up with a very nice farmer who invited us back to his place to warm up. Within a few hours it was sod the next checkpoint. Sat next to the fire for about twelve hours downing copious ammounts of beer and eating some awful german delicacy that we couldnt really say no too.

    Then there was the initial weeks phase when we either ate pilchard pie. pilchards on toast or pilchard stew.

    Those were the day
  8. So some time in the 80s, probably '87 or so, running after a fairly horrible time during the indoctrination phase - which started from the tennis courts at Gross Gusborn after the world's worst ever bluff by the CO - off we went in our teams.

    I was very lucky, for low values of lucky, in that my team was me, the WO1 Yeoman (the immortal MF), the S2 and OC 3 Squadron. Assorted misadventures occurred, not least some heavyweight begging from farmers, reasonably good penetration of Hunter cordons to the RV dressed in Loden coats and speaking German - and an embarrassing capture courtesy of the APTC QMSI and one of the Majors (who couldn't keep his head down and didn't recognise the Q in his German postie's outfit), but the best moment was when we got into a LUP overlooking the Mittellandkanal and the two Majors started chopsing about flotation bags and God knows what.

    The Yo-person and I looked at each other and at the two Majors and, from various places about our person (well, a full body and cavity search is fine, but you can be sure you'll at least get your boots back, right?), we produced a total of DM300 and suggested that, rather than any of that old nonsense, we should probably just take a taxi after nightfall. Some moral objections, notably from the R Signals half of the dynamic duo, ensued, but in the end reason prevailed and we did just that.

    It seemed churlish not to stop at a schnellie and load up as well....
  9. You probably hunted me in 93-I avoided the interrogation phase by getting my head smashed open by a falling rock in the controlled capture phase and winding up in intensive care with skull fracture etc!! Got some funny looks n the hospital trolly-old battle dress, loads of beard growth and covered in blood.
  10. Also remember the USA 3 in '91 - very funny watching the Foreign Legion Instructors ("You can survive on 15 minutes of sleep a night, just like me HAHAHAHAAAAA" Absolutely f**king barking . . . .) putting them to shame during the training phase . . . :D
  11. Stop or I'll release my dog! Yeah, right, keep on running lads.
  12. Forgot about the dogs - "release the hounds smithers . . .". Did they ever let them off or just use them for tracking? Never heard of anyone being mauled. . . .
  13. I remember some of my sweaty palm experience, although much of the detail is lost due to a combination of hallucinations and exhaustion. Stupidly, I tried not to cheat at all - although I did eventually succumb to a doughnut offered by a kindly old German lady who was most insistent!

    I do remember about 12 hours continuous stress positions when I was caught, and also being released with a Captain and a female siggy. Me and the girl tried to quickly sort ourselves out by putting on our boots (laces cut) and reading the map, while the good Captain was sobbing uncontrollably under a tree.

    An excellent Exercise and a true test of character.
  14. And then there was the "Marathon man" sketch - the guys from the Royal Army dental Corps - Classic :twisted: interegation .... we know what and how to do it :)
  15. Cheating!?!?!? How very dare you - using my initiative at all times :wink: