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I am aware that is not the most pleasant subject but here goes...

My feet seem to sweat allot especially wearing boots, I use foot powder in socks and between toes which does help a little. I understand that boots are not the most breathable of footwear, however they still sweat in normal shoes. This then can lead to soreness between toes.

My question is has anyone else had this problem and are there better socks to wear than others?

Many thanks for your responses.



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Don't wear synthetic socks, wash and dry your feet carefully. Don't wear the same shoes or boots the next day as they won't have dried out.

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Yup cotton or wool. There is an antiperspirant called 'driclor' that is for people who are very sweaty, try the socks first, the driclor may be of use it may not, be very careful with washing and drying your feet, do it a couple of times a day if you can. Hot sweaty areas grow bacteria easily so if you can limit that all the better. Cracked and sore skin is openings for infections. If there's any sign of athletes foot use Clotrimazole 1% cream available from a pharmacy it's other name is canesten but the brand will be more expensive. You could be using too much powder which could be drying the skin, making talc into clumps with the sweat and worsening the problem.
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