Sweaty fadges

I wonder why this wasnt alerted to the ARRSE fraternity.....It look like making of a good night! it could have been a crawl of epic preportions......we have all done worse any one who denies this is a BIG POOF!!
Cor! seduce my ancient footware, there,s a fair old tonnage of grumbly growlers to choose from, are they those virgins the muslim martyrs are promised?


Book Reviewer
like you lot are all so picky you'd turn them down...ffs... ;)

[h=1]I don’t drink, smoke or take drugs. I deserve one vice[/h]

Would that be eating by any chance?
Scaley Alberto is conspicuous by his absence.

And the answer is, of course I would.
You are not telling me he is one of the contestants and if so which one?


You know what I mean.

I liked this bit though: "SASHAYING down the runway in a teeny sailor costume, curvy Gemma Cruickshank tips her hat at the judges and gives them a saucy wink."

Teeny? That's bigger than my basha!

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