Sweatty Bum Cheeks

Hello chaps & chapesses,

I’ve just been out having a lovely lunch in the park on this scorching summer day in London! Alas, I’m afraid I’m one of those fellows who suffers from an unfortunate syndrome, one of those cads who might sit on a plastic chair only to leave it with a fine imprinted line of arrse-crack- sweat for everyone to admire. :)

Naturally having discovered my work of art I’m usually quite alarmed so I’ve had to devise a cunning plan that involves swerving my buttocks on plastic chairs in order to dissolve the sweat-mark on my trouser leg. :wink:

However, a more even degrading act has raised is ugly head of late, one that is not so easily resolved. I was sitting down & having lunch & also wearing some beige coloured trousers. The ones that show up the little spots of wee when one doesn’t shake properly, the sun was hot, the grass was slightly wet & there were plenty of dashing onlookers to observe my antics. I was determined to enjoy the summer sun, but in doing so I began sweating like a little piggy. All the sweat goblets managed to gather on my arrse cheeks & leave a rather dodgy stain down the back of my trousers. :roll:

I began to notice the seriousness of my situation when I felt the wet spot against my smooth skin, 8O unfortunately my lunch break was almost over so I had to make a break for it infront of all the charming young ladies & a ssorted yuppie types. I jumped up & marched off sharpish with head held high in defiance of my predicament & hoping that no-one was able to witness the dark line which must have clearly divided my rosey cheeks.

Does anyone else have the ignominious misfortune to suffer from such a condition? I once noticed a young lady in Saint Tropez sporting some quite fantastic boobies on a tight top. They had a big, damp, patch underneath so that if one looked at a boob directly it almost looked like the nose of a Messerschmitt. :lol: I suppose young ladies must have it a little harder at times as their sweat marks can be even more obvious.

I remain your most humble servant, &tc.

It was crap the 1st time you posted it. and it's still crap.
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