Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by the_beer_man, Nov 25, 2008.

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  1. After some advice.

    I sweat a hell of a lot. I'm not dripping whilst doing day to day things but I've allways got sweat patches on the armpit areas of my shirts and my balls and arrse crack are allways sweaty. When I do PT it really gets going. I look like I've just got out of the shower. I can soak a t-shirt through in about 30 minutes of moderate exercise. I'm not overweight, unfit or old. I'm 82kg, 5ft 11in, mid 20's and can do a 10k run in 46-47 minutes.

    Does anyone know if there is a reason for this. I never used to sweat this much but ironically the fitter I became the worse it got. My back is also breaking out in spots. I imagine this is due to the sweating pushing all of the crap out of my skin.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Taking any supplements?
  3. Drinking too much beer ? Seriously, this used to happen to me until I cut it down ?
  4. This is a recognised condition. Try some Black Cohosh supplement after seeing your GP. There is an operation, something to do with nerve endins.
  5. The odd goodness shake once or twice a week.

    Don't really drink. I maybe have 1 or 2 beers a month.
  6. Thats a menapause suppliment.

    I'm male.

    Does that make a difference?
  7. Perhaps you should drink more beer then !
  8. Like I said, see your GP first, sweetie :p
  9. I sympathise with you as this is exactly what I suffer from. I googled it a while ago and found out it is due to an overactive thyroid and bottom line is...live with it.
    It is always somewhat embarrasing to be sweating like a fat chick in lycra in the middle of winter :oops:
  10. If you're not excessively sweating during normal activity i wouldnt particularly worry about it?

    Everybody sweats during exercise and the fact that you are sweating more as your are getting fitter suggests your sweat glands are doing their job efficiently. Its the bodies response to regulating your temperature, cooling you down through evaporation. The fitter you are the more quickly your body will push blood to the skins surface to release heat, your sweat glands will in turn increase their output and therefore that equals one soggy wet t-shirt.

    It can be an indicator for other problems, someone mentioned thyroid, also diabetes etc.... If you are genuinely concerned seek proper medical advice as already mentioned.
  11. Your condition is called overtlyhomosexualiss, and is incurable. I'd recommend suicide.
  12. Unless he's talking about barrels.
  13. There was a programme on TV a couple of weeks ago called 'embarassing illnesses' or something like that. There was a girl on that who couldnt stop sweating all of the time. Like you she was young, fit etc but was just sweating all of the time. Anyway, she got checked out by loads of specialists on the programme and well basically you're knackered; they couldnt do much for her.

    My advice (not that I'm any kind of expert) is obvious; keep clean and drink lots of water. We'll all still call you 'sweaty bloke' behind your back but it'll stop us from calling you 'clatty bloke' instead.
  14. I sweat a sh1t load aswel. Hyperhydrosis is the name for it or something. Have thought about going to see a doc about it, but then I just thought; man up.
    Sometimes I don't do it if I'm feeling really relaxed, and when I'm pissed. Therefore I think it might be anxiety related, which as possibly worrying as it is; man up.
  15. I'm going to contemplate what you said over an umbrella infested cocktail.

    Thanks for advice guys. Gonna see how it goes and if it gets worse then see a GP.