Sweat rash

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Swamp_Rat, Jul 19, 2007.

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  1. What's the best way to deal with it?

    I blow glass in a tropical climate.

    I dust up me dangly bits with talc/corn starch and that seems to be an effective preventative measure.

    Sometimes I forget and by lunchtime things get irritated.

    At that point I add a liberal dose of vaseline so the sweat runs off.

    So I'm okay with preventative measures but what's the best way to treat it when it's really sore at the end of the day?

  2. sudacrem....fantastic stuff!! :thumleft:
  3. Yup! Every single new parent in the civilized world can't be wrong!
  4. Sweaty guuch; common term ;)

    Well just shave the area ;) Might help stop trapping the sweat :p
  5. Sudacrem lol see where I live?

    Okay well I'll nip down the pharmacy and see what the choggy has on the shelf then.

    Thanks all.
  6. Eww

    But thirds on the sudacrem or drapolene (basically any nappy rash cream).

    I suppose just lettin it all hang out and having the air get to it is out of the question.................
  7. You've seen the video, right?

    A bit of history; a couple of weeks ago Demonoid went down so I did what my friend the wedgehead (see above post) suggested and shaved off all trace of pubic hair in tough defiance. Itches like a halfclean ringpiece but defiant as fcuk.

    As I work the torch most times, the extraction system wizzes air past my ears about 600 mph so there's plenty of air moving about.

    I only wear boxers under my shorts so there is room for stuff to move about, it's just when I go to sit down that the sweat irritates where ones ballbag rubs against ones tender inner thigh.

    So I just grab a handfull of talc/cornstarch mix and wang it about till everything feels dry.

    I read the cornstarch on a tender place like that might have a tendency to grow yeast, resulting in fermenting appendages that could indeed turn black and drop off.

    So I thought it prudent to check with you types that might be familiar with this on a regular basis, you might be in a place that's hot enough to boil a monkey's bum and see what you use.

    My missus still says vaseline is a viable option because the sweat will run off and from experience (she says I should know anyway) it helps skin to slide easily. Just that I don't want to get my hands greasy and then get it on the glass so she would have to apply it. Jungle rules, see.

    Edited to add;
    Yeah but I don't want to be doing the dance of the flaming arrseholes or, flaming ballbag, in this particular case, as I face the torch. and I often wonder why girls don't get their nipples scorched.
  8. I suppose I should say thanks? :p
  9. Got any med support as you can get it through the system (drapoline) if you really suffer try metanium/movulin ointment but it stinks like TCP.
  10. Sorry if this sounds a bit cheeky mate but are you overweight, I used to sweat like a peodophile in toy r' us when I was a fat cnut.

    I use vasaline to stop me getting joggers nipple, my nipples used to even bleed on long runs of more than ten miles in the heat, and thats worked, but it itches like a mutherf**ker.
  11. Ummm maybe you have a constant nipple erection? :p
  12. It's the hormone tablets, I'm trying to grow my own pair of breast so I can mag to grid the missus.
  13. Heh Iv never had it as bad as bleeding but have had extremely 'uncomfortable' situations. Iv found on some of the hotter days even in UK I can end up sweating like an addict on his way to rehab. For nipples Im ok since I run out on salisbury plain theres no1 else about so if its hot ill just run in shorts (always run commando anyway). If not debinems are currently selling VERY lightweight red herring shirts for I think its £9 for 2 so would suggest in stockin gup as they make very good running shirts :D

    As far as crotch chafe issues I wish I noticed this thread before as the ONLY piece of advice I can be 100% on is to NEVER SHAVE THAT AREA, I had a bad experiance 2 years ago on a particularly hot summer when absolutly ALL pubic hair was shaven off.... my god I actually had to take time off work because of the itching that it involved.
  14. A lad on my Phase 1 shaved his groin the day before final fling. He regretted it unsuprisingly.
  15. Thanks all, just to add that fatness isn't an issue (built like a stripped-down racing snake), wedge head really is a term of endearment and I'll get one of my kids back in Blighty to mail over some sudacrem or drapolene.

    The missus threw out the last of the vagisil after she caught me applying it. To next doors cat lol

    Some great help there many thanks.