Swearwords and Arrse

In another thread, I noticed that someone had posted concerning the action of making ready the L85. In short to "c o c k" it. I space this out, because if I don't the system replaces the work with cock as it assumes, quite incorrectly in this case, that the word is a rude word!

It got me wondering how many other swearwords that we use, also have legitimate uses? Surely there is fun to be had including all these words in emails to others.

Any ideas? Obviously my fathers name D i c k is one and Tos ser is another. Any advances?
There is a place in Dorset called "GetyourfuckingLandroversoffofherethisisthelastfuckingstrawyoubloodyarseholesI'mphoningBlandfordCampwhat'syournamestupidcnutsthelotofyou". I know because the man who lives there told us.
I love the word cunt :p :p :p :p :p :p :p

its the most affectionate word in the world, my way of telling them that are a complete wanker

I also like words..... complete fucking Cunt

its sums up Blair and Brown - Bush and Al Queda

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