Swearing on the net

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by black_taxi, May 26, 2005.

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  1. I am sat here having sobered up slightly from last nights imbibations to toast THE MIGHTY REDS on a stunning Victory over AC , a thought popped into my head,
    why when people swear on the net do they mis spell the swear word??.
    I can only assume there is some sort of block in place or will some tw@t come round give me a good seeing to?
    hey come on, I have only been using these computerating thingies for a short time.

    NOT HARD 2 WORK OUT :roll:

  3. because on this site if you type in the word cunt the software automatically changes it to cunt. If you type in bastard it changes it to bastard. By altering the spelling at least you get to type what you want.

    i thought someone was messing with my posts at first because every fucking time i wrote bollocks the fucking thing came at as bollocks. foul mouthed fucker aren't I?
  4. there is an automated filter in place. Some words are changed and others are *'d

    fuck = fuck
    piss = piss
    bastard = bastard
    cunt = cunt

    the list goes on. Of course there are always ways around (as seen above) but the simplest is to swich a couple of letters or make another substitution.
  5. And why does everybody type tw@t?

    If @ = at

    Tw@t = Twatt

    It's like saying STAP Plan.
  6. Ah, I see now. Sorry for being a tw@
  7. Although something has to be going wrong, when the system wont allow you to post the word w r i s t w a t c h. :?
  8. cunning, I couldn't see how you'd done that till I quoted it. you clever fucker.
  9. So if I type t w a t, will that work?
  10. Oooh, very fucking clever
  11. Damn, caught me :lol:
  12. wristwatch
  13. fucking cunt wanker bollocks
  14. fuck me you boys are shit at this, you wank stained bastards

    easy really