Swearing, both big and clever

I've had this on for a good hour now, It reminds me of living with the Ex (you need sound)


This is what the internet was invented for.

'You stink of gash'
This all seems like normal conversational gambits to me...
My mum always told me swearing wouldn't make me 'big' or 'clever', but I've a vocabulary shaped by years with the Colours and I'm 6'5'' and have a Masters degree.

That showed her!


Book Reviewer


Book Reviewer
Legion_n_aire said:
What's the point of posting this you sweltering fanny? If this is funny then I'm a flying turd.
Do you use that potty moth in the Legion?
I bet it soon puts the domino players of their stroke

Tut Tut :D
I was thinking about putting a NSFW disclaimer, but with 'Swearing' in the title, and 'You need speakers' in the text, you would have to be pretty stupid not to figure it out.

Unless you work in my old pay office, because that was what was shouted over the desk all day.

And they did "taste like gay"
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