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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by GeneralMalaise, Jun 27, 2005.

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  1. Why must we attempt to disguise swearing on ARRSE?

    I'm sure that a MOD will let me know but it's quite clear that when we're talking about c*nts we should write C*NTS and not cnuts.

    If we're talking about f*cking then we should be allowed to write f*cking & not fcuking!!

    Has the world gone fcuking soft .......you bunch of cnuts.
  2. I quite fcuking agree you cnut,t*at ,sh*te face,t*t head
  3. Every organisation has its own custom and practice. Not soft at all, just the way we do things on arrse, you cnut :wink:
  4. Its a bit of a bally shame really, lets face it theres some right spivs who get away with blooming murder and we get cheesed of with a bally swear box


    I would just like to add that if I were ever to get a slot on Jim'll Fix It I'd like to have the chance to chew the crunchy dags from Lord Flasheart's beknighted hoop.
  5. I'm obviously posting here too much because in real-life I've started spelling swear words incorrectly. I wrote "fcuk" in a statement the other day, somebody thought I was talking about the sh*te clothing brand.

  6. Perhaps: "It's a bit of a fornicating chame really, let's face it, there are some right pudendas who get away with vulva-ing murder and we get rutted off with a scatalogical swear box."

    I mean, Chavs use the other words. :)

    It wasn't great to start with, but now I'm really confused? How did that happen - the quote, I mean?
  7. 'kin blox
  8. MOD abuse, W@nkers :)
  9. Outrageous f0ckeryc0ckery, Flash. :)
  10. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    Not Flashy! Bally old MiB getting stuck in and Im gay and like blokes botties. Just thought youd like to know.

    Pip pip big boy.
  11. Hugs and kisses.