Swazi king Marries 11th Wife

chickenpunk said:
Big up to the lad:

BBC Website

A man clearly not concerned by the dull PC opinions of outsiders.
But if we could all have 11 wives, 89% of us would never be married.

In fact that sounds bloody brilliant :twisted:
King Mswati's late father, King Sobhuza II, who led the country to independence in 1968, had more than 70 wives when he died in 1982.

What a guy.
King Sobhuza also had 200+ children, and was still fathering them into his 80s. He was a hell of a man! When he died, they put his body into a chair (sat up right) and marched him round the football stadium so his people could say good bye (or hamba gashle...).

When he was born one of his dastardly uncles wanted him dead so he could lay claim to the throne. His mother, the Great She Elephant (an honourary title rather than a comment on her size) was in contact with the local Afrikaaners. They obviously had a lot of time for Sobhuza's father because the night the killing was supposed to take place these guys turned up on horseback and gallopped around the kraal through the night to fend off the assassins.

Mswati paid a visit to RMAS when I was there to have a look around, but decided it wasn't for him. Pity, it might have made something of him, he's not a chip of the old block. I suspect he's been put there by some scheming Dlamini who is quietly milking the national coffers as we speak....

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