Swastika shame of Harrys regiment

NEWS OF THE WORLD INVESTIGATES: Shock pictures expose Prince's royal troopers as Ku Klux Klan racist

DISGRACE: Ku Klux fan has brought shame on Prince Harry’s new regiment, the Blues and Royals

Swastika shame of Harry's regiment

By Ryan Sabey

PARADING in a swastika-daubed Ku Klux Klan hood, with his hand raised in a sick Nazi salute, this soldier demonstrates the racism rife in Prince Harry's new regiment.

Minutes after these shocking shots were taken, the Blues and Royals trooper was marching in a Remembrance Day parade...a tribute to those who died fighting the evil he so obviously admires.

Harry will join the Blues and Royals next month as a second lieutenant.

But the whistleblower who passed these mobile phone pictures to us paints a sickening picture of his new regiment as one rotten to the core with racism.

Last night the Ministry of Defence launched a probe after we handed over our pictures.

Our insider, a soldier, said: "These images are symbolic of what's going on in there.

"One moment this guy is paying homage to Hitler and Nazism, the next he's on display representing his regiment. The whole parade is about remembering those who have died in war, particularly during the minute's silence.

"Someone wearing a Nazi emblem at such a poignant time will sadden the whole regiment. It sends out the wrong messages and gives the regiment a bad name."
Edited for length , numerous copyright infringements and just being a plain old fashioned attempt at digging up material for a follow-up piece.
in 1979 when i told everyone i was joining the blues and royals most if not all people said "who"
I guess that is all going to change now

i do remember the provost corporal of horse used to parade around the guardroom in an ss officers uniform but i also know he was a professional and loyal soldier(though maybe a bit potty)
Harry was in a newspaper a while back sporting a swastika at a birthday bash. There was an uproar about that as well.
Mora, the first thing that springs to mind is so what?

Second thing is what's your agenda?

I note from your other 'posts' that you seem to just be after a reaction without offering any comment yourself.

I conclude therefore that you are a sh*tstirrer. :)
"If I am not allowed to join my unit in a war zone, I will hand in my uniform"
I think Prince Harry is a marvellous chap and England should be proud of the spirit he has displayed.

Though from India, I am proud of him.

It reminds me of the lines:

Follow your spirit; and upon this charge
Cry 'God for Harry, England, and Saint George!'
Un-Friendly-Fire said:
This looks like a pisstake more than anything else frankly
Spot on, if anyone is to blame it's that ginger haired toff for acting the cnut in the first place.
Bravo_Bravo said:
Lovely picture of HM, mind.
It's always nice to see her smile.

Seems people have at last stopped waving their horrible anuses at her.
Journos what are they good for? Bugger all really, this poster looks like a thread designed just to wind folks up.

Some Good news, 45 made it back from the sandpit wednesday (45 being my wee brother) he had unfortunatley on several occassions had journos embeded, must be as bad as piles, He being sniper plt SGT was not best pleased and has informed me " that those whinging civvie cnuts got a very tight shift" and apparently they didnt take warm kit out with them on the night patrol and he let them freeze their arrses off, upon returning to base said journos complaind to the Co whom i believe was headr to say "45s the best fuckiin SGT in this Btn and if you dont like it fucck off"
Happy Klanning, that's a new one on me.

Pure unadulterated shite.
cpunk said:
More complete sh1te from 'the newspaper that doesn't give give a toss about our boys'.
If it sells papers, Murdoch will print it. Facts are secondary. The NOTW belongs on the fishwrapping pile with the Sun and the Times, Rupert's other orifices.
The NOTW never lets the truth get in the way of a good story.

Or a bad one as in this case.

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