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Discussion in 'REME' started by S_OZ90, Jul 11, 2011.

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  1. Anybody know what the go with swapping trades after basic and phase 2 training is? Not that i'm saying i want to swap trades before i evn join but what if i don't like being recovery mechanic and find that vehicle mechanics is something that i am more interested in. Would i be able to swap trades and do the VM trade training or would i have to leave the service and re-enlist all over again???
  2. Trades can be changed, however in the current climate of 'shifting sands' regarding manning requirement it is by no means a certainty that you would be given the chance- and indeed may not be permitted to do so via re-join either. In short it wastes a lot of time (you) and money (Army) and is best avoided unless necessary (e.g move to tiff. trade), you definitely shouldn't bank on it.
  3. At the risk of sounding contraversial, and there is no offence intended, train as a VM and consider Rec Mech later if it doesn't work out for you, the VM training will pay in the long run. I have two good friends that started off as VMs and are still going as very successful Rec Mechs, I wonder if that helped them along.
  4. There are many posts on the same thing and the iron will be along shortly to tell you about the Job Offer letter you will/have sign(ed).which basically states that opportunity to change careers is very limited now and if it is allowed it will be only at the discretion of the army.
  5. Thanks for that guys but there were not any job vacancies available in VM, when i put through my application and now i have signed the job offer for a Rec Mech and I'm sure i will be happy with the trade, think I'm just starting to get a little nervous about it it now. Do any of you know if there are opportunities available for gaining qualifications in other trades then, like how you can gain A-levels and stuff?
  6. As said above from April 6th 2010 all NEW Entrants once allocated to a job have to sign a JOB OFFER letter stating once in they are extremely unlikely to change jobs once in unless on rare occassions the SPSO allows it. As Alf stated this is to cut out the waste of money to pay out to retrade people and is being closely monitored plus also stops New Recruits blaming the Recruiter for putting them in a job they SAY they didnt want to do........a bit like you in a way taking Rechy Mech because lack of places for VM (even though there are loads of VM places coming up Jan-March. You have to be focussed on going for the trade you have signed up for, I have worked with lots of Rechy Mechs in the past and on numerous occassions they have been a great help hands on VMing aswell when required.
  7. I'm not saying that Rech Mec isn't something that i don't want to do it's just i want to know what happens if i go in and absolutely hate it. Although yes it wouldn't have been my first job choice if VM was available. and who wants to be waiting around for another 9 months for a job to become available? When in 9 months there is still no guarantee that it will become available?
  8. Someone who really wants to do that trade?

    Anyway, yo've made your mind up now - the time for deliberating and 'what if it is a bit rubbish' has been and gone (when you signed the form). You can't change so just get on with being a Rec Mech and enjoy it, the whole what if ................. happens? is a bit of a waste of time. Don't sit around thinking about the potential negatives downstream - look forward to the positives.
  9. Good way of thinking about it Alf.
  10. Quite a few people get doubts, jitters, second thoughts and confuzzled before training.

    Go for the trade you want, if you have to wait a few more months for the ideal job then that is better than jumping into 22years of a second choice.

    There are plenty of chances to gain extra quals all through your career. Good luck, hope it all goes well.
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