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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by biscuits, Jun 14, 2006.

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  1. Thought I'd start a thread along the lines of Swap Shop (Google it if you're too young).

    Anybody want to swap postings with me?

    Offered: Posting to Norway at the NATO Joint Warfare Centre. Will suit a SSgt Tech that is computer literate. LOA is about £40-45, but you need it. Here is a link to the unit's site;

    Wanted: Posting to 19 Mech, or (for prefererence) 2 Sigs. Not even particularly bothered if it requires a trip to the sandpit or the other place, as I've been nowhere since Telic 1. I am FE.

    So thats that. I feel curiously seedy, like I've just posted a pic of my cøck on the web.

    Anybody else want to swap their postings? You'll need to include your rank and CEQ. Come on, but be aware, MCM Div DO lurk here occasionally.

    And yes, I'm the only tech here, so thats my secret identity blown! :x
  2. my postings still in the confines of puzzle palace....

    the dartboard of truth knows my destiny.

    lance jack rad op, wants good posting, not too much work. no panzers please.

    will swap for jiff job central, minimal amount of excercises, no trade knowledge required. tentage degree essential.

  3. This could be anywhere!

    Come on people, this board is notorious for whinging about postings/work etc. Are you all really happy at your current posting, or do you just prefer to schimf than try for something different?

    And its a very boring day at work here, so I'm getting restless.....
  4. Wouldn't swap my posting for anything loving it!!!!! Give me a shout in two and half years and i will let you know where i am.

    Come on ENGLAND :D :D :D :D :D :D
  5. Love to go to Norway. I had a mate who went there and had an ace time. Unfortunately, I am now a civvy. I'll go as a NATO civvy though, that is a mega earner.
  6. Anyone want mine, involves photocopying and making brews generally. Located in a horrible part of the country that is miles away from anything closely resembling civilisation. No trade knowledge required either, good brew making skills a must.

    Will swap for anywhere except the 21st sign off regiment (21 sigs to u and me).
  7. why do you want 19 mech? or 2 sigs?.
  8. anyone out there serving or know anyone at harrogate as DS? i am after a posting to that neck of the woods. training wing would be nice.
  9. 19 Light has just got a new tech staffy so no joy there m8t

    believe 2 sigs tm troop staffy maybe due posting soon??

    hope this helps
  10. Well i would love to swap postings but...its too good to be giving away for another shite posting, i have 1 year left here and i am loving every day, especially as the footie is just down the road at the mo...my flags are out as well, if you live here you know what i mean, pride of the nation!!!
  11. Anyone who wants half the year off (not joking) and don’t mind shift work 2 days, 2 nights and 4 off (plus leave) I’m leaving Northwood soon, IS geek , Cpl oh and DV is a must. Its not exactly challenging , good people to work for though, in a joint unit.

    PM me if you want to know more.

    I want to go somewhere close to London central would be nice, Aldershot maybe? but not 238. I loved it there but I think they’re getting rid of there geeks. (and as a Sgt)
  12. Accidently listened to Mrs Biscuits the other day. 3rd biscuits baby on the way, and she thinks that the spogs might want to see more of their grandparents (in the North East).
    Serves me right for listening :x
  13. Thanks, a superbly helpful first post!!! :D