Swapping of Genitalia

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Jul 3, 2006.

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  1. THis has loosely been discussed in other threads but not sure its had one of its own.

    Picture yourself in bed with your loved one(s) then imagine the ability to swap genitalia for the day.

    If you were a bird with a c0ck on loan, would you plate your boyfriend / husbands shiney new salmon patch?

    If you were a bloke clearly you would be jamming everything up it and fiddling with your new tits but would you give the Mrs a blow job? would you swallow? would you let her shove it up your back box?

    I have my own set of answers, but have thrown it open to the NAAFI floor for discussion.

    Hypothetically speaking you'd have 24hrs with each others parts.
  2. First thing I would do would be to go for a p1ss. Then have a general fiddle about to see what is actually down there.

    I wouldn't do anything to the other half at all. Although I'd probably allow them to give me a ring dhobi to see if it feels the same.
  3. Gotta say, I'd go for getting my snootch pounded for about 23 hours solid. I'd spend the last hour amusing myself with the new smells that I could muster.
  4. just have to see how much i realy could fit up there as Mrs SD is like a Tardis downstairs, now where is my mobile i can hear a faint ringing sound.
  5. I am afraid there would be no sex at all, i would spend 12 of the 24 hours kicking her in my balls, and the other twelve hiding from the lazy eyed psycho.

    Tell me child birth hurts ill show her pain, minges are designed to streach and rip, my plums are not designed to be hit in anyway shape or form.
  6. I would have to go along with the jamming various items up there while squatting over a mirror and no i wouldnt give her a BJ just so she knows what it feels like to be told "i am not in the mood" or "i have a headache"
  7. With the swapping of genetalia, would the in-built moaning/neediness/rational-discussion-free-zone come with it?
  8. Maybe I should have retitled the thread better. Imagine during the honeymoon period of your relationship, the time when you haven't heard her fart or swear, when all she has to do is look at you in a certain way and you'll crumble and say crap fluffy gay stuff, thats the time Im on about, when you stil fancy her and are open to her suggestions, no matter how bone they are

    No point crabby and some of the other wet soap dodgers responding, they've never fiddled with a tit or a lady part, and noone would ever want to swap spunk sticks with them

    If there was a pact where it remained between me and her I would lovingly blow my chick, after all it would be my own penis, and I've been trying to reach that since I was twelve anyway.

    After a recent discussion on the very subject I'am still 'jury out' on whether I'd let her shoot in my gob...... I'd sooner she fired it on my face like the dirty porn whore I am :D
  9. You have far, far too much time on your hands, M-D-N.
  10. If my marvellous set of man-tackle was replaced by a fadger, then I don't think I would move all day. One slip and your whole insides could be dangling down your inner thigh - a cough, strong sneeze of dangerous fart and bang! Inside-out...girls are very brave to walk around, let alone play organised sports...I would play with my tits though, definitely.
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Whaat! You short arm's or summink MDN? How'd ya have a nuckle shuffle? Must be a bit messy having a pee? I mean,not being able to touch your willy since you were 12! :twisted:
  12. stab from what ive seen/ herd from you if you swaped genatals with your loved one then you would just have a large black penis
  13. Don't forget the camcorder to record it all for posterity!
  14. Anyone up for a lesbian orgy?
  15. I can honestly say I would give mrs DD a gobble... but alas no she aint jizzing in my grid.. I know what mine tastes like after a minor misfire during a pretty bendy blowing session.

    I would suck me own (obviously)... then again I'd suck someone elses if the price was right.

    As for having a newly isntalled beetles bonnet and all the trimmings I would be a millionaire withing 24 hours ... I mean look at what all these other birds get just for letting some old coffin dodger slip em one...

    Yes... Yes I would be a fookin hoe!