swaping regular for ta

hi, i have been applying and training to join the regulars (sigs) for 6 months now, training very hard and have recently been deffered for medical reasons. now given the all clear there are further complications. right from the start i have suffered set backs, GP problems, barb test freezin on me half way through, buses and trains braking down.
Whilst i have been going through the process of joining i have also applied for an apprentiship, just as a back up, just in case.
I am now considering joining the ta instead as i believe that will give me the best of both worlds.
The millitary experience, with the best of civvi life aswel.
I was just wondering what peoples views are on this? i can imagine my recruiting seargant looking not too best pleased with me. what is the process for this swapping? starting from scratch? or can they take my results for example from the barb test.

**** the TA mate, stick at it and youll be there soon.

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