Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by harleydude, Sep 24, 2011.

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  1. hi im a lcpl at leconfield wishing to swap for south nr portsmouth area.( mpgs):|:|
  2. That makes more sense. Southwick Park maybe an option for you if there's any vacancies.
  3. please do explain had word with chain comm he sugested to find any one wishes to swap.....
  4. So, anyone know of an unhappy hog-riding barrier tech at Leconfield with a lust for Pompey skank?
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  5. Explain what, mucker? There's MPGS at Southwick Park, just over the hill from the UK's biggest council estate (Pompy). It maybe worth engaging someone there.
  6. As much as Pompey disgust me, I thought that Hull was the biggest council toilet in the UK and not just because it aborted John Prescott and he survived!
  7. ok thanks mate thanks for the advice.......
  8. ye need a change .....closer to the fokes...
  9. IIRC (thread on here) there was someone on here requesting a swap from the Pompey area so send the guy a PM

    Ensuring APC & the choosen sites are kept in the loop at the same time....
  10. hay mate do u know the chaps member name? by any chance????
  11. Shakes head in sad disbelief.