Hate to say this but the RAF and I believe the Navy, have this wonderful policy whereby if you get a posting you do not particularly like, you can advertise it in their equivalent of Soldier Magazine. If someone else fancies your posting and has the right qualifications etc, then you can swap postings. How enlightened. I believe this would be a great retention tool, or at the very least, a morale booster. How many people have left because either they or spouse did not want the new posting? Have known small Posting Plots in our lot where 8 WO1s due for posting have got together and agreed which of the 8 postings available they preferred. Information (solution=less work?) fed into the Glasgow Triangle and guess what? Not one of the 8 got what they had asked for. Result? 8 Pissed of big badges. Just one isolated example.
It's like you say, if a little time and effort was spent on postings rather than MCM Div plucking them from their arse (no relation to the web site) then a few more people would stay and possible the Army would not be so far into the recruiting pit.
i would like a posting to the bahamas if you please. for this i am willing to swap a ford anglia, two teenagers, a rabbit and a 2 euro piece (the one where norway looks like a droopy C**k.
I'd like the posting that frank has got. Any way where is he now signed of got out good chance.
MCM DIV have a hard enough time trying to fill the short fall so they can't send you to the good postings they are saved for the resurvist and TA.

New Q

Medic63 please swap postings with me Im going to Canada for 7 months as 86C but would much rather spend my time in Aldershot NNNNOOOOOOTTTTTT !


My missus is serving in a grown up service who can discuss things with their collegues and swap postins with ease. She was drafted to a shore base and some remf bit her hand off so she could stay on her
HMS 1&^%$£7. Two happy matelots, instead of the usual two pi$%ed off 'Bill Oddies'. Top tip, join the Navy and be a grown up!


;DTell you what i am going to ask for a posting to MCM Div then i can post everyone where they want to go and make everyone happy. :p

Vote for chatbox!!!
I love her already.......  ;D

Why can't we have more of this sort of open freedom of expression and general pleasantness.....

Because Earth+Bump=Army
Anybody wanting to be grown up should not have joined the Army


War Hero
I dunno about all this.  MCM seem capable of some pretty dreadful cock ups and there are no shortage of stories but I have never had a problem.  Perhaps my Corps' MCM branch have it sorted.  As a young Troopie we never had any problems getting people the postings they wanted.  It often took some pleading, bartering and some pretty long phone calls but MCM were always very flexible.  It's no different in my current job.

God bless the Royal Corps I say...


War Hero
There was no drama involved if you had a draft/posting, which you were adverse to, it was very easy to change it if you found somebody to swap it with.

It has not always been like this, as your unit to avoid normally became your draft/ posting as if some one took a perverse pleasure in pissing you off.

Think i've got a posting i've asked for but that was moons ago and now things have changed. Still beggers can't be and all.
I would have to agree with Dev.  My MCM Div always seem to pull out almost all the stops to accomodate me.  Unfortunately it is I who failed to fully research that dream posting and, in hindsight, would rather nail my bits and bobs to a burning building than go there again. :eek:


I agree with Master, MCM DIV CAN pull out all the stop if they wish and to be fair, seem to be doing so more and more, but I have always held the belief that "its who you know and not what you know". If you have someone inside the school boys tie network that will fight your case, you will get what you want.
Permenant posting to a rain sodden little island on the edge of the atlantic anyone?  Sure it's great so it is!!  Come join the hill-billy militia - you'll never have to worry about where they're going to post you next - it's always going to be here!!


I'm sure it wasn't like this before it all moved to Glasgow.  I seem to remember being able to phone Records in the old days - now they hang you for it!
When I was a bairn back in the early 70's, my Dad, who was RAOC, was posted to Bicester for the 3rd time. Needless to say a THIRD posting to Bicester did not fill him with joy. Especially, when he was presently in Perham Down and previously had been in Aden, Bulford, Munster, Deepcut and of course Bicester. He was starting to think that someone at RAOC MRO didn't love him very much.

So my Dad put in his "buy out" papers and we were all set for Civvy Street, when the RSM called him in. The RSM seemed to think for some reason my Dad had some redeeming qualities and thought the Army would be stupid to let him go. (What redeeming qualities I don't know - but there you go. Reading the threads in here has reminded me that not ALL RSM's are bad blokes.)

Anyway the RSM asked Dad if he could get the posting changed would he stay on. Dad said sure but it would need to be good. Anyway, the upshot of it was that, Dad got 3 years in HK, because of the RSM, instead of 3 years in sunny Bicester, and the Army held on to a damned good soldier for a total of 24 years.

So I guess what I'm saying is doesn't anybody at MRO, or Glasgow as it is now, check these poor bastards previous postings and think "Hmmmm sending Cpl X or Sgt Q to Aldershot or Colchester for another 3 years is really going to piss him off and we'll probably lose him. Why don't we send him to somewhere really nice like Cyprus or on Exchange to Oz as he's been a really good lad and maxed his reports?"?

I know this isn't really so much of a problem for Teeth Arms like Infantry or RAC who are usually posted as units. But for folks in the support arms like RLC, or REME, for example, having to spend a large chunk of your career posted frequently to shitholes like Aldershot or Catterick is not great for manpower retention, is it?
:D glad to see its not just me who has a grudge againgst MCM Div! Anyone who knows REME MCM will know they are not too hot on getting you the posting you want! Even WO1's will get a slapped wristy for calling them, tut tut. thing is the girls up there love chatting to normal folk! In 5 postings ive not got one i asked for, wrong country twice, what more can i say???


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