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Swap a multitool ?

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Troy, Feb 18, 2013.

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  1. I have a little-used Gerber 600 multitool in good condition with nylon pouch.

    I would like to swap this for a Leatherman Crunch multitool in decent condition, with or without pouch.

    Any interest?

    Or if not a Leatherman Crunch, then some other locking plier multitool would be considered.
  2. This forum can sometimes be quite handy.

    After waiting patiently since Feburary someone has got in touch this week and agreed to swap multitools.

    So now I have the Leatherman Crunch that I was after, he will soon have a nifty Gerber 600, and the rest of you have missed out!

    All told though, it's been a nice result from this free advert.
  3. That's a bugger!

    I was after a 600, ;o)

  4. Which one?
  5. So you swapped a £59 tool for a £86 tool. Nice. They do say fair exchange is no robbery.

    I'm a MUT fan myself especially if they are issued through work.
  6. Unless it's the MUT EOD and people use it to crimp Brit issue dets
  7. I offered to pay the postage too, but the other party said it wasn't necessary. Sometimes preference counts for that bit extra and the Gerber is in near mint condition so it seemed pretty fair to me. Besides, it's a free choice with no bullying involved so all things considered it's a fair deal.

    It seems to me that this Classified section of the forum is pretty useful.
  8. Serious question: Don't they fit? I did No.2 and used what was presented/issued but never got into det sizings.
  9. The standard issue is fitted for US Caps, however the company will supply you with a UK Det version if you ask (but I didn't).

    However... Have a US smaller calibre and exercise a degree of skill in crimping all dets or get the UK one and find it too big to do US ones. I prefer to have skill than be a kit-monkey.
  10. There are those who know what they are doing and why....................and then there is the rest!

    Anyway, since when did you stop using your teeth to crimp dets? :)
  11. About the same time you stopped using your arrse cheeks :)

  12. What could possibly go wrong? :)
  13. Obviously, you have to let them cool down for a while after you've taken them out...
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  14. It's not as if you would crimp plain dets onto det cord is it....