Swanton Morley

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by 223335spog, Sep 21, 2005.

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  1. Any info on this place. Much appreciated. Quarters etc
  2. Are you being posted to two places? Sawnton Morely and Swanton Morley?
  3. very funny!. Typing error!
  4. Full of Geordies :lol:
  5. :wink:

    Sorry, couldnt resist....slow night.
  6. Anyone ever been there? or am I just going to get abused for my crap typing?
  7. its Royston Vasey, pointy head central.
  8. And that's just the medics

    SM is classed as an isolated detachment. The Light Dragoons moved in and took over from the 9/12 L in 2000. The medics moved in in 2001(?)

    The camp is an ex RAF base (till 1995 I think)and the place has been heavily modernised, new hangars, single rooms for the lads etc. I was in the Mess and can't comment on the MQ generally but the quarters I saw seemed to be of a good standard and had been modernised too. East Dereham is the nearest town and very sleepy/boring and Norwich or Naaaaaaaaaich as the locals pronounce it is the local city which is where most people doing their playing. It's very quiet and the camp is surrounded by lots of countryside and weirdo inbred locals. LD recruit mostly geordies and yorkshiremen and are a great bunch, but I'm biased.

    You should get in touch with the Fam Office for more info

  9. It's truly the back of beyond. Norfolk has no motorways so it is not even easy to escape from...As for the locals, Royston Vacey is being charitable.
  10. Cheers for all the info. I had looked at official info but its good to see what others think.
  11. yes it is conehead central. dereham is full of slappers, and u will be able to smash back doors in at your pleasure. quarters are ok, abit dated but will suffice. Naafi is a bit small but you need a car to get about. norwich is good on the lash, and if u cant score down town the medics will oblige, even the two lezzers who will put on a show for u in the nafi bar when pissed!!