Swanton Morley

Discussion in 'RAC' started by 223335spog, Sep 21, 2005.

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  1. Anyone here give me any info on the state of quarters etc at Swanton? Much appreciated. Are the Light Dragoons a good unit to serve with?
  2. The pads in Swanton Mortuary are ex RAF so are somewhat larger than the Cardboard boxes you get in Army garrisons. I had a Type C pad and it was really large. They had been revamped by DHE, with power showers and douable glazing. The heating was Storage heaters and there is no gas. This was before OP Puma.

    You will need a car or you will go off your nut! There is a pub in the village but you had better stay of the FENS! When the 9/12L moved in the two main points concerning the camp was firstly, It is the highest point in Norfolk and secondly it was largest grassed air strip in Europe. That is until the Army planted tress all over it!


    PS the LD's are good bunch of lads, better the Welsh Cavalry.
  3. Whoops that should read '... better than the Welsh Cavalry!'
  4. Thanks for the info mate.
  5. As for the Welsh Cavalry uuummm maybe if you were welsh it would be the unit to go to . As for gas man , **** off cock
  6. Are you Ocdt Wales looking for a bit of gen on your new wegiment before you go on Tp Ldrs?

  7. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Swanton Morley ? Isn't that the neighbouring town to Royston Vasey ?
  8. Yep it is. And 5 miles away in East Dereham there is a cab firm that shuts half an hour before the pubs shut let alone the one dive of a club! What a fecking long walk it is when your bladdered and its snowing!
    Crabs used to call the place Swanton Mortuary! aka Robertson Barracks.
  9. Served with the LD's for 18 months. The accomadation is first rate Z type. However the camp is pretty isolated. On the other hand there is the Venga Bus which does a return trip to Norwich from camp every Thur night. The lads are some of the best I have served with, as are the SNCO's and the Officers.

    A great Regiment which makes up for the location of the camp!
  10. venga bus!! sheer class
  11. stayed at the mortuary for2 years when I was in 9/12 L excellent acommodation, en suite bathroom with all mod cons!

    Be very wary about the local pubs in swanton, its very much 'stick to the pathssss, your not from round these parts' etc. try to limit your exposure to east dereham especially the plough, I contracted chlamidya from one of the delightfull 'ladies' my own fault I know but these things happen.
    But Norwich is well worth a night on the lash!
  12. I've been here for 3 years and its ok, yes the girls down town are all stinking, the camps not bad with facilities etc and the regiment in itself can be good but this year has seen a hell of a lot of tprs sign off.