Swamped ya pit recently?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by discodan, Mar 25, 2007.

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  1. Anyone else pissed the bed recently?

    well I did... so much that I have to go out and buy a new bed... only drank half a bottle of vodka last night and half a bottle of Kaolin and Morphine to cure my squirts that I have had for three days. Now I think this concoction sent me into a deep deep sleep coz I woke up at 1.30am absolutely soaking wet and yes I'd pissed the bed so much that it had soaked me, two duvets and went right through the matress onto all my rigging kit that I had under my bed...#

    Mrs went ballistic whilt I just stood there roaring laughin... bit me in the arse though coz she just proclaimed I have to buy her a new bed today...

    So a warning to you all dont mix vodka with kaolin and morphine... you have been warned!!
  2. I followed through on friday, it felt like a big gasious one building, bit of a strain, then turned into liquid.

    That was a mixture of murphys, hot weather, kebabs with lashings of chilli sauce :thumbdown:
  3. Nice one mate!
    As a fellow swamper myself I thought I would tell you about a certain REME bloke who I am on course with at present. to date he has perfomed 15 swamps of the bed in 4 weeks and with a week to go of the course all the players in the 'swamp-stake' are getting excited to see if their guessed no of swamps will be the correct one to win the pot. He has gone through two boxes of suds on sheets alone, and gone through 2 mattresses much to the dissmay of the cqms and the blokes in his room are threaders with the smell of piss. I personally think it is funny as f***!!!.
  4. lol... you know there are hundreds of swampers out there reading this going... yup its all true I tell thee
  5. Swamping is a fine art, honed to perfection within REME who are the British centre of excellence in this sport. The smell of stale urine can be enhanced ten-fold by consuming rancid asparagus washed down with warm stella.
    The art of swamping has taken some knocks lately with so called improvements to service accomodation. A swamped single room is a swamp wasted. The best effects are obtained by swamping a top-most bunk bed, to the delight of lower bunk occupants, with a built in ten minute delay for each level. 40 minutes of pure joy in Flag street Mill!
  6. Cow

    Cow LE

    Bloke in a certain sig sqn who was nick named swampy, rumor was he was banned from every ship in the navy for his acts.