Swamp Sherman

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Blackcat, Mar 12, 2005.

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  1. gotta get me a digger and a big ol trailer
  2. She's quite well known in militaria circles.

    not bad at all :D

  3. Who needs diggers, I want her!
  4. Isn't she the chick who did that chernobyl bike thing?
  5. The only thing I´m worried about is:
    What do they do with the remains and the personal effects of dead soldiers? Do they belong to the crowd that hacks of rings from the fingers or remove the dog tags from the bodies to sell them on Ebay ?

  6. Jan , I can answer this, as can KGB.

    Unfortunately I have to shoot out for second, but will be back soon.

    In the interim, if KGB sees this, maybe he can give some background on the 'searchers'

    I'll also email 'Elena' and ask her to look in.



  7. Oh i see it's 'Elena' is it? :wink:
  8. Well no it isn't which is why her name is in parentheses :)

    Nice lady , cares passionately about Ukranian history , and definitely an ethical recoverer.
  9. I browsed the website, and remains are sympathetically reinterred.
  10. I´ve seen pictures on another forum of some crowd who scoured WW2 battlefields in Russia, took all the personal effects. like dog tags or medals and dumped all the bones of several bodies in a hole without records or markers. I also saw steel helmets offered on ebay, with bullet holes in the forehead, as found in the ground, but I expect with something like this, there must have been a body close by.
    So I´m a bit suspicious about commercial diggers. Mind, I have no problem with recovering non-personal items, or identifying the bodies and moving them to a military cemetary for a proper burial. This way some MIA files will be closed.
    A friend of mine (father ex RAF, mother German), went metal detecting in the Hürtgen Forest near Aachen. They, being teenagers at this time, found the remains of a German soldier. Not knowing the proper procedure, they marked the spot and brought the dog tag to village priest of the nearest village, giving him an exact description of the location. The priest then notified the police and the war graves commision, who took the necessary steps for identification and proper burial.

  11. I know that in Russia, where there is now widespread commercial looting of battlefields, bones are often burnt or dumped. A few of the original digger groups are more respectful, and at least some of the Russian bodies get a decent reburial. Germany now pays hard cash for soldiers' remains to be re-interred in German cemetries, and this has spawned all sorts of criminal enterprises, including grave-robbing of bodies from Russian civil cemetries, throwing in a fake dog-tag from a "missing" list and claiming the reward....
  12. It's sad but it's the same driving force that's behind poaching, the ivory trade and the nighthawks who plunder archaeological sites in Britain, money. As long as there are people actually willing to shell out cash for ground dug items then it will go on.
  13. Some, stress Some of the French chaps are absolutely mustard for it.