Swamp Rats?

I am not a serving member of the forces, just the kid of one former soldier. I still have his Swamp Rats T-shirt from the 'Forces Workshops Belize' and i vividly remember him telling me that if i ever meet another Swamp Rat, they will drag me into the nearest watering hole and proceed to get me legless ! I think i'm ok for a drink but i would like to track down anyone who might have known my Dad. He Died in Dec 2001 from Pneumonia after suffering MS for 20 years. I am not sure whether or not i can put his details here as the site rules say 'No names' etc. I have lost my only mate in the world and after almost 4 years i am becoming increasingly lost without him. All i am looking for is current or Ex- R.E.M.E members that might remember him and help me fill the void with info, maybe even photo's. I know it's a long shot but i mean it, he was my only mate in the world and a wonderful Dad, what he did in REME before i was born remains his biggest achievement as MS got hold of him in civvy street and over the following 20 years he was killed slowly and in a way such a big man should not go out.
If i get any positive responses and permission to post his details, i will and if i only get one man who can give me any info, it will be a massive thing to me. I am 32 now and just at the point in my life when all the payback should be happening from me to him, all the stuff he taught me, my kids growing up - all there is is a big hole. If anyone else tries to council me i will scream, what i need is positive links to his life before MS took it away from him.
If anyone feels like they can help, please answer this post. I am looking for anyone who was in between 1964 - 1974. Among his posts were Belize, Osnabruck and Waterbeach Cambridgeshire. I was Born at the forces hospital in Ely and lived on the barracks at waterbeach until 1974 when we moved back to Liverpool (Where he was from) and he was De-Mob'ed.
I also believe he was an HGV Driving instructor whilst serving in Osnabruck so there is a chance he may have taught some of you to drive trucks.
Sorry if this sounds out-of-place here but i am following any lead i can. I hope some of you can maybe help me.
This link to the REME Association might help. They publish a newsletter and you can write to them and they will publish your dad’s details and ask their members to get in touch.


You might also try writing to The Craftsman; they will also publish details and ask people who knew your father to get in touch.


Hope this is helpful
i have found the craftsman website and i am collating all the details i have to write to them and hopefully have this included in a 'Where are you now' section of the magazine. I would like to thank you for giving me the next piece in this seemingly impossible jigsaw puzzle. I was starting to think i would get nowhere with this. If i get any kind of response it will be fantastic for me. Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post and giving me some hope.

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