SWAG calendar for Help for Heroes

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by kelly796, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. Yes

  2. I will, I Promise

  3. No, I'm tighter than a duck's arrse underwater


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  2. just a quick early morning swag bump :p x
    any questions?
  3. Can I take next years piccies? :twisted:
  4. hahah!!! so i guess u like what u see!! hehex
  5. Nice one.Which one is the OP?
  6. sorry..op?? :? don't understand? :roll:
  7. Got mine yesterday, thanks Kelly

    Who is the lass on the cover???? Just so I can put an engagement ring to a face!
  8. OP = Opening Post or Poster
    ie Which one of the Swags is kelly769?
  9. im the one with the engagement ring, also be the lass on the second page....the organiser hehe!! :D
  10. What does SWAG stand for?
  11. Servicemens Wives And Girlfriends!
  12. swagger bump!! :D x
  13. hey people just a quick bump to say buy your calendars now!! only £7.49 and when you order if u say u are from here then i will sign it so u have a limited edition copy!!! what u waiting for???
    www.swagcalendar.co.uk x x all for great cause x
  14. woopert

    woopert LE Moderator

    No need to "bump", I've made the post a sticky so it won't go anywhere any time soon.
  15. ooooo thank you!!! :D x x