SWAG calendar for Help for Heroes

Have you put your hands in your pockets for H4H and bought the calendar yet?

  • No, I'm tighter than a duck's arrse underwater

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Got mine yesterday, thanks Kelly

Who is the lass on the cover???? Just so I can put an engagement ring to a face!
kelly796 said:
hey people just a quick bump to say buy your calendars now!! only £7.49 and when you order if u say u are from here then i will sign it so u have a limited edition copy!!! what u waiting for???
www.swagcalendar.co.uk x x all for great cause x
No need to "bump", I've made the post a sticky so it won't go anywhere any time soon.
Yet I didn't putted my hand in my pocket for H4H and yet not bought calender but I will do it. But not promising because according to me promises are made to be broken.
i thought it was slags, wives, and girlfriends. shows what i know!
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