Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by kelly796, Aug 14, 2009.

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  1. During July and early August 2009, the wives and girlfriends, who have partners in the armed forces have been posing nude for a Photoshoot which is now being made into a calendar to be sold to raise money for Help For Heroes. The girls hope to raise over £45,000 for the charity.

    The girls are dressed up(or should we say undressed wearing a variety of headwear) to represent the different parts of the forces, so either Army, Navy, RAF, or Marines. But the shoot is glamorous so the shots involved getting their kit off to the bare essentials. The calendar is only suggestive of nudity so it is not revealing or showing any parts that shouldn’t be seen. Inspired by the calendar featured in the film Calendar Girls but with a military theme.

    It has taken place in local forces bases and training facilities in Hampshire as well as many historic military forts or museums.

    We have recently recieved an amazing endorsement from General Sir Richard Dannatt-Chief of the general staff
    “I hope your efforts and the calendar are a great success in raising money for Help for Heroes - On behalf of those serving, thank you for your brilliant support to our troops.”

    The Calendar is now on sale for pre orders from our website for £7.49 + £2.50 P&P each. with all profits going to Help for Heroes.


    Thank you

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  2. I myself have been involved in this calender and it is brilliant and can not wait to see the end results. so come on everybody visit the website and reserve ur copy of the swag calender to raise money for HELP FOR HEROES! :D
  3. Hey :) ..New calendar guysssss.. naked army swags :) ..its all for charity, HELPING OUR HEROS! so it was a pleasure to get our kit off for a great cause. Us girlies all have loved ones serving in the armed forces so its great to give them something back!!

    C'MON GRAB URSELVES A CALENDAR www.swagcalendar.co.uk ;)
  4. I was in this calander too and it was so fun to do. Its for a fantastic cause and would deffo do it again. Roy the photorapher was great and made us feel so relaxed and Kelly the organier was amazing and has put so much hard work into this.................

    Come on Guys and Girls pre-ordr you calendar from:


    Emma xxx
  5. I havnt been involved in this calendar but have been keeping up with all that the girls have been doing. I think its totally fab and going to buy one soooonxxxxxxx
  6. Was so much fun and definately for a wonderful cause. Everyone involved is fab and i would definately do it again xx
  7. I personally have been involved in the calendar and it has been a once in a life time opportunity for all of us, everyone involved, especially Kelly, have made huge efforts to help towards this calendar being a success. It would be the cherry on top of the cake if, like everyone hopes, it raises a lot of money and interest in this great charity.

    www.swagcalendar.com... if you go on there you can see some of the fun everyone has been having whilst doing the shoots plus an insight of the outstanding quality the calendar will be like :) Plus you will be supporting an amazing charity who will benefit from every calendar you can order now xxx
  8. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Thank you, but I think that we have got the message now.
  9. Ha! Clearly the market is saturated, good luck SWAG!
  10. There is always room for more nakedness...................bring it on!!!! swagcalendar.co.uk
  11. I think I've had a couple of those ;)
  12. Any chance you can do one with your husbands in? Purely for research like......
  13. So you can fiddle with yourself over them?
  14. maybe that could be a task for next year!! hehe!! check out the attached pic of us in The Star, Next stop The Sun!! keep a look out for that somewhen this week!! x x

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  15. The one in the sailors hat would get it!