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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by supermatelot, May 23, 2007.

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  1. Anybody think it a good idea for a thread to post links to of previous discussions where the ever elusive Sven has "moonwalked" out of after throwing the bigot grenade and received a good mod1 verbal kicking??

    Maybe he needs guidance due to exceptional workload?

    I'll start,,,
  2. Now isn't that just a little disengenuous Supermatelot.

    You post a link claiming I had deserted it and then edited it out because the third post from last was one from me.

    Here's the link
  3. And then You add the link in again after I posted. Even more disengenuous.

    By Hell Lad, You want to make Your mind up as to have the link in or not

  4. Negat Sven,one edit in total to add said link then the powers that be moved the whole thread here!

    Bit late for you isnt it? :D


  5. Nope, don't think its a particularly good idea, super. As has been commented elsewhere, Sven may come across as our resident Trotskyite, but he doesn't blindly follow his Party's line and he's got the balls to debate what he believes in even when he's out-numbered, out-gunned and in hostile waters.

    Why would anyone with any brain knock that? ;)

    Edited for the post below:

    8-ball, that's a hell of a lot more succinct than I was. Used to know someone lese round here who talked sense like that :roll:
  6. You pair of plebs do realise there is a PM function don't you?

    Or you could even try the phone.
  7. Hehe!!
    Points taken,

    Have used PM finction.

    Also..Yes,I agree,Sven does have balls.