Svens question.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The-Lord-Flasheart, Dec 26, 2007.

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  1. There you go, shitlips. I've started the ball rolling so as not to bog down the other topic.
  2. Very grown up of you flashy. I watch patiently. Surely he'll find some way of fitting in your a right wing bully.
  3. I shall reply to your posts from CA in here seeings how you are quite happy to turn that thread into an off topic slangin match.

    Bully? How can one bully on a web forum? What am I going to do? Use a harsh font? Steal your mouse? Threaten you with CAPS LOCK?

    Come in here and have a discussion you feeble minded mong.

    We are both equal on here.
  4. Sorry,

    Would normally watch from a distance in these matters, if at all, but I have to say the phrase 'Use harsh font' has just made me spill coffee all over my trousers.

    Laughed a lot.
  5. No front row seats for me, hit him with your walking stick Sven you ex AAC spazza. £10 on Flashy to win in the fifth.

    Is anyone selling wrens liver today, bloody Romans.
  6. Some fcuking fight this is.

    Worse than Amir Kahns last blow over.
  7. Having read 'Harsh Font' I laughed that much, I didn't get the the phrase, 'Threaten you with Caps Lock'.

    I've just spilt my coffee again.

    Flashy come and pick on me, I could do with the cheering up.
  8. Its not started yet you fool Bigbird is trying to get through the ring ropes with the Round 1 card............... could take some time :highfive:
  9. I think we all know this will yet again be a walk over from Flashys corner as Sven never seems to have the bottle, wit or intellect to take these offers up. He prefers to use what he thinks is protection within CA to get away with offering challenges that he has no intention of honouring.

    I've given him his own platform here so as not to take the other sensible threads off topic but he doesn't seem to want to take the floor.

    As for his original question;

    I take it he is refering to the recently held 50th Anniversary of the AAC, held in September. If so, I ignored him because I didn't know who he was. I have been informed since that he is a short, fat bald chap who wouldn't look out of place as an extra in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I of course wouldn't have laid a hand on him (he seems to think I would have). That pleasure would have gone to my missus who would have realised he was a prat within 60 seconds and would have punched his nose through his head.

    Will I do the same next year? Ignore you? Yes. Probably. I'll no doubt mistake you for a Tescos trolley collector.
  10. Sorry i always get ahead of myself on these things. Can't we have a build up fight in the meanwhile.

    Oi IRON You're a cnut (May aswell, this is off to the hole)
  11. Now you mention the Khan fight, that reminds me. Did anyone else notice the recent fights MC? It was that bloke from Grange Hill. Hes done a couple now and he is shite.
  12. Your a good judge of character, Flashy you just described 90% of the AAC with the chocolate factory statement :wink:
  13. You mean he looks like this.......????


    They all look like that in Skipton :lol:
  14. DG, pretty much except no hair. I'll try and dig a photo of him out. :wink:
  15. Yep and agreed. I cant believe i just called that a fight. I think they found the poor b@stard in a pub twenty minutes before the bell and asked him if he wanted to make a quick £35.