Svens a naughty boy

Sven stay or go

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Is it just me that feels a pang of pride that despite the fact our beloved England manger can’t win tournaments he can put it about like a swabbie on shore leave. Good on him I say.
Did his philandering cost us the World Cup? doubt it.
What a man and woman get up to in their own time is no ones business but theirs.
This is just sad little men in grey suits looking for someone to blame for our lack of silverware from the World Cup.
I wanna know what these guys are putting in their Horlicks. How many of the kiss ball fraternity have been, shall we say, less than discrete in various hotel rooms, lay bys etc of late?

Who needs Viagra? Quick 90 mins of am dram on the pitch then it's seed spreading time....
I want some one to explain to me how men like him get women of that calibre? What do women see in him? He must have an excellent sense of humour as I don't think he has anything else going for him especially in the looks department :D
So let's get this straight.

Unmarried bloke shags unmarried bint who is then shagged by another unmarried man.

Feckin' slow news day or what :roll:

I've seen more controversial stories about tractor production east of the urals before.
Oh my god, I can see you lot have nothing better to talk about.

I fcuk off for a couple of weeks & this is what I come back too!! Your making it a bigger issue & supporting the papers by talking about it.
so is that a for or against gado.
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