Great, get him down here to Southampton & sort us out!!!!!

Whats the betting he manages a footy club here in England.
Any idea just who these three Premireship clubs are who he is accusing of Corruption.
Gory, Sven and Ericson a prile of bad lads.
Jon - Mihir Bose (Torygraph) has reported talking to several Premiership chairmen and they've all come up with the same name for the manager of the 'struggling club'. As for the other two, though, the chairmen have named about half of the teams in the Premiership. Probably not wise to repeat the low-level rumours that have been circulating, since the two managers who would be named would probably sue...
Ya ick verstain. We debated the matter last night, but out here in the sticks Pompy or Sarf-H where the suggested 'Struggling club' and very high level teams for the coruption bit. But basic lack of knowledge from UK prevents a Onest estimate.
Wellllll........I theenk, that he should go now. With the talent that we've got I reckon I could do just as good a job as him. The team pretty much picks itself. He is after all an extremely average manager tipped to take over the dizzy heights of Aston Villa.
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