Sven the politician

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by whitecity, May 3, 2007.

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  1. Tomorrow morning, Sven will be down the town hall/counting office waiting to hear if he's got more votes than his Tory opposition.

    Love him or loathe him, we should all take note of the fact that he has actually bothered to make an effort to stand up for what he believes in and run for public duty.

    From the evidence I've seen on ARRSE, he'll probably take to the job like duck to water.

    His local rag is publishing results as they are announced. Webpage here: Craven Herald election results Results due from 0930Z04052007 onwards.

    Any other ARRSErs waiting for results too?
  2. Sven is a tree hugging homo but you're right, he's made an effort and fights his corner (like a girl mind).

    Good luck you Sir.
  3. Sven. Buy your one way ticket and climb aboard the gravy train - leave any principles you may have in lost luggage.

    Sod your constituents. Get your snout in that trough and delve deeply. But not too deeply that you lose sight of the need for a convincing squeaky clean image, no matter how distant from the awful truth.

    And keep up the pretense - to your dying breath if necessary - that you're in it to defend and promote the man on the street. That's how to succeed and not be swept aside or swatted. Take a lesson or two from Tony Blair. All cheesy grins and compelling hand gestures. Off you go and good luck.
  4. so which one is he? - forgive my ignorance
  5. Polly! :D
  6. I thought he was more of a Felicity :wink:

    Edited to add, good luck and well done for standing up for your principles.
  7. I am Stephen Walpole

    I stood as a paperless candidate in Gargrave and Malhamdale and so I have no realistic chance of winning. This is the district council results.

    I stood and faught as a candidate in North Ward of Skipton Town Council (parish level council), one of six candidates fighting for one of the four seats going there.

    Thank You to those of You who have wished me well. I will totally disregard Frenchpersons advice and will remain true to the ideals and principles I hold dear (whilst including Him in the above sentiments). I WILL be asking about the councils intentions viz a viz housing ex forces families and will try my hardest to put forward a forces friendly policy in respect of housing.
  8. Liberal Democrat. I know a bloke who plans on standing for them, he's alright but he is against giving the miltary pay rises and spending a lot more money on defence. He also is a flake in other key areas of concern notably immigration control.

    Why did you stand for the Liberal Democrats instead of being an Independent Sven?
  9. Sven, I know you have got high hopes, but I can't believe you named a school after me already Dale's Sports School

    I'm crap at sports.

    Good luck anyway!!!!!!!!!
  10. Funny...with your constant pro Labour hissy-fits I had you down as a Blairist, Sven.
  11. Best of luck Sven. I'm sure that if your potential constituents could see how strongly you fight your corner on such a combative site as arrse they would elect you in a second. Stick to your principles, oh yeah, and if it's anything to do with you, get some bigger bins near Bizzy Lizzy's.
  12. Butcher

    I have been a Lib Dem since I became politically aware. I stand on the left wing on the party but, with the exception of Iraq, I stand behind my parties policies.

    As for being Pro Labour - I keep saying it but Charlie Kennedy said to give credit where credit is due, and so I do
  13. Good luck Sven anyone interested in helping improve the miltary is a good vote.
  14. Good luck Sven. Nice to see a Lib Dem admit to having his own thoughts on some matters :twisted: But if integrity counts in politics any more, from what you've shown on here, you deserve to do well.