Sven: The most annoying cünt here or what?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dread, Jan 12, 2007.

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  1. A cünt. Pure and undiluted.

  2. A Liarbour party official (and a cünt)

  3. A sad little man who's natural position is a traffic warden (and a cünt)

  4. A hypocrite/politician who, like a cünt, never answers

  5. Not a cünt because cünts are useful

  6. A decent chap who we all love (despite being a cünt)

  1. While it is never healthy or interesting to have a group of people who mindlessly support each other and unthinkingly agree to whatever the consensus appears to be, I was wondering if I am alone in thinking that Sven is a trolling dull cünt.

    Sven's posts take one of four forms:

    1. Whatever the latest Liarbour Party official line is.
    2. Asking for a link (especially for stuff heard on the radio or watched on TV).
    3. Attacking a minute and irrelevant aspect of someone's post while refusing to answer the main, important issue.
    4. Accuse anyone who tells him that he is a cünt that they are just bullies.

    Is Sven a Lairbour party apparatchik (even though he claims to support the party of the Deviants: LibDem)?

    Or is he simply a trolling cünt who will be first against the wall come the revolution: he can share an organic guava with the Dear Leader (obviously he doesn't smoke as it is against the dictats being issued from Party HQ).
  2. Who is Sven??? :?

  3. Exactly....................
  4. No honestly.
  5. No my vote goes to Dogface.
  6. Got any links?
  7. Have a look at the threads about Tonee's speach today about defence. Then if really, really bored do a search for posts by him.

    While I make sweeping generalisation in many of my posts, I am prepared to listen to erudite discussion and to be enlightened by others. Sven is a nit-picking little shít who comes across as the kind of guy who, as a 22year lancejack (17 of which were in the QM's department) would tell you "Stores are for storing" and that he couldn't issue you the last pair of size 12 boots for your upcoming deployment as "someone else might need them".

    Grey little men like him suck the soul out of the UK!
  8. So Dread, I take it you and Sven don't get on then? :wink:
  9. With frenchperson, SLRboy and probably myself Sven's got serious competition for arrsecnut
  10. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Haven't seen frenchperson for a while, and I avoid SLRyob, but there are so many annoying tw@ts here hat it's unfair to pick on Sven.

    Oh, go on then!
  11. Frenchperson serves a purpose: he can stimulate debate (I am still convinced that it is just an alter-ego of a frequent user here on ARRSE.

    While SLRboy is an immature twát, everyone knows it and so acts accordingly. What really winds me up about Sven is the dullness. The man is grey personified and probably thinks that the UN is the supreme arbitrator of global justice.

    The man's mediocrity shines through as a natural bureaucrat, always trotting out the party line and wishing that everyone was equal: reduced to the lowest common demoninator.
  12. Oh fucking dear... I hate cuntmonkeys like that on this site!
  13. If true character could be discerned on a forum, I would say you are probably the best judge of character I have ever come across, because we completely agree. However the guy has got to be a wind up surely! No one goes through life with such poor inter-personal skills without suffering at least a broken neck!
  14. I've never crossed swords with him Dread, but you're right, whenever I do see his input, he is invariably getting up someones nose.
    He's real "B&Q Employee Of The Month" material. For those who are unfamiliar with B&Q, that actually rates above a French kiddy-fiddling Estate Agent on the cnutishness scale.
  15. Ok, who are the two that think he is Ok? Own up!