Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by spr-dunne, Jan 19, 2009.

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  1. hi can anyone help me find a decent copy of sven hassels wheels of terror?
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    I thisnk that I might have a copy at my parent's house. I'll PM later in the week once I've got back.
  4. When you say a decent copy, does that mean you arnt prepared to buy new from waterstones and other high street book outlets. I still have an original from the 1st edition, the one with the black and white cover of a Tiger tank with dead bodies lying around, and no you aint getting it !! :twisted:
  5. Lots of copies on Amazon...


    Happy reading. It's a great book, although I personally think "SS General" was better.

    Those damn books are responsible for me joining up, I think. Words could not express my upset when life in the R SIGNALS didn't live up to Tiny and Portas adventures... :p
  6. You want to read "Tigers in the Mud " by Otto Carius, better book, and true

    Stackpole Books WWW. Ian allan books

  7. i absaloutly loved SS general im currently reading monte casino
  8. Good book, read it as a nipper with all the other ones. Usually see quite a few of his books in most charity shops. Might be worth a try. My two fav characters were Tiny and The Legionnaire. Those two characters, Heide and Sven were the only ones to survive the war which is surprising considering Leigionnaire was always inviting death. "Viens Mort, Viens".
  9. 4 of mine are original 1st edition but the rest are getting on a bit and starting to collapse so im rebooting my archives and buying replacements for them
  10. arrse i havent finished yet...cheers lol dont tell me no more but i must say i cant get to grips with heidi the little b*st*rd i think porter and the old man are great
  11. I'm sorry spr-dunne, i was typing without really thinking. Dont worry tho, you have quite a lot of reading still to do with those characters. I was meaning as real life people who the characters were based on.
  12. Wheels of Terror read it years ago good book at least I thought so then. We passed a copy on to a German lad that we knwe in Minden 1976-80.

    At the time it was banned in Germany and not printed in German I stand corrected on that if I am wrong.
  13. Hassel is one of the few authors who mention the Nesei 442 combat team USA in Monti Cassino that old bloke who was in the Karati Kid Pat Moriata was in them
  14. Sven Hassel's 14 published novels are:

    The Legion of the Damned
    Wheels of Terror
    Comrades of War
    Assignment Gestapo
    Monte Casino
    Liquidate Paris
    March Battalion
    Reign of Hell
    The Bloody Road to Death
    Court Martial
    OGPU Prison
    The Commissar
  15. got all but 1 which happenss to be the title