Sven! Do the Lib dems have a defence policy?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ostvic, Apr 17, 2008.

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  1. I'm not on a wind up but what is the Lib Dem position on defence? What is there thinking on what the forces should be capable of? Do they care about and how would they remedy the quality of life issues facing forces personal and there families?
    It would be great to maybe get a Tory and some of the smaller parties to answer the same question?
  2. meridian

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  3. Mmmm..Thanks meridian but the Tories are saying little, Lib dems are worrying about trident and Labour......
  4. meridian

    meridian LE Good Egg (charities)

    Utter shite innit

    No doubt they have something going on in the background but they never seem to put it up on their sites
  5. Sixty

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    Here's the Lib Dem defence policy in all it's, ahem, glory.
  6. Oh they want more of THEM! Nothing of real substances though.
  7. Got as far as the introduction where it said that the Lib Dems defence policy hinged on reforming the UN and then gave up.

    "Hello Lib Dems this is Earth, Reality check, over"
  8. Makes for good loo roll if printed off at work and then taken home!
  9. Have a word with yourself....

    Would you really want their shoite coming into contact with your shoite? I wouldn't :wink:
  10. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Limp Damps defence policy is cloud cuckoo land. Sven was gobbing off about it last year I think and on looking closer they planned to cancel tranche 3 of Eurofighter. A quick search shows that we are tied in and would have to pay for them anyway. The comment made by someone was how can you trust defence to people who are incapable of even using google.
  11. Read the first few pages. There really doesn't seem to be anything you can actually put your finger to and say "Ah, so that's how they'll deal with that part of Defence and so forth". There's a nice bunch of rhetoric of course about how well disciplined, professional armed forces will protect the state and nation's interests, and global peace keeping etc. which I'm sure is all quite nice.
  12. Wot!

    No sven screaming from the roof tops?

    Its a complete pile of poo, along with all the other garbage policies from the wets. Nice though, that they seal their own fate every time they put pen to paper.
  13. well as they are not getting into power who cares
    still doing better than the bnp who nicked Switzerland's defence policy neglecting to realize we are an island :roll:
  14. I read this. Just to see what fantastic idea they had. Here's a REALLY good one...

    So, what are the options? The Germans, who aren't allowed to deploy overseas, or the French, who probably won't. Thoughts, anyone?
  15. Wonderful how You all comment on a paper that You probably didn't read, or if You did conveniently missed the bit that says


    Now, if anyone on the thread is having trouble putting two and two together then please say and I will inform You of the ins and outs of out of date conference proposals.

    Ord Sgt. At the time I said in reply to Your comment about tranche three that although I knew nothing about it, I was sure that the team which drew up the document Our Nations Duty would know - or words to that effect.