Sven and WP - Box!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Sven, Oct 11, 2006.

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  1. Gosh, now they are lying by additiion.

    One thug, who happened to be muslim, attacked a woman whilst in the company of other youths and got his come uppance for assault. There is no proof that she was set on by Tariq "...and his gang of racist thugs?"

    Then WP resorts to downright lies when he said "Perpetrator got community service... "

    Tariq actually got fined £500 and ordered to pay damages of £100

  2. Sven wrote:

    Tariq actually got fined £500 and ordered to pay damages of £100

    Oh thats alright then... as opposed to the jail sentence a Mr david Wislon got for handing out leaflets warning about Race attacks by Muslims... a mere month before Kyriss Donald was kidnapped, tortured, castrated and burnt by members of the religion of peace.

    Sven you are an appeaser and an apologist and as for the lies remark, I made an honest mistake (Corrected within the link)

    The people who lie are those who say Islam is a peaceful religion when the opposite is plainly true.

    Are you a Muslim Sven? Or are you just one of the left wing self loathers who would watch his country sold down the river rather than realise he is wrong?

    You are the true facist my left wing friend.

  3. :D :D :D

    Do You know, I have been accused of being a reporter, an MP, a No10 spin doctor, an MoD spin doctor and been given various left wing attributes. And now a muslim - LOL

  4. Now if that isn't a case of fascists stealing the flag I don't know what is :roll:
  5. How can I be a facist Sven when I strongly believe in freedom of speech and expression and equality in Law irrespective of race, religion or sex?
    I'm not the one fiddling the media and crime figures to hide the true nature of hate crime in this country.

    The tyranny of the minority is strong in you Sven!
  6. And the smell of dark smelly stuff stronger on You, WP
  7. No thanks mate - if it is what I think it is then I can get as much of that as I wnat simply by going over the border to Keighley - or over the lancs border to Blackburn, Preston or Burnley
  8. Keighley and Blackburn... your not one of those Paedos whov've been grooming young girls are you? I hear sexual deviancy is very much en vogue in left wing and Islamic circles? (Unless you are in the mortar platoon in which case you are merely having a laugh with your mates!)
  9. You represent Your party well, WP. You can't even read properly :roll:
  10. I represent myself and my downtrodden people Sven... not some Faux "British" political party! and if my reading is poor.. its down to a comprehensive education!

    Whats your excuse Sven? Too busy being dry bummed by the headmaster to recognise irony?
  11. Irony - right :roll:
  12. Wow! I think you are really clever! Did you find that all by yourself? You must be very proud of your massive intellect!