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I've just discovered a very interesting site all about the well known author 'Sven Hassel' who many believe to have been a soldier in the Wehrmacht during WWII. It's a promotional site for a book revealing the true story behind the books and their author, but it seems to be anything but military history.

Not very worksafe at all!!!!

You have been warned!!!

sorry! I thought it was the arrser Sven bashing thread................

I'm out.
For some reason it wont let me look at the English version and my Danish is next to non-existant, whats it all about?
Just realised its something to do with Erik Haaest, he is a bit of a fruit loop that has always taking a disliking to Sven Hassel.
It doesn't seem to work if you click on the flags. Go to the English foreword instead.

The Danish pages do have some interesting photos though.


Read two of his books before realising that every single one was the bloody same!! And any McNab thinks he invented the cliche genre!! Sven was WELL ahead of you mate!!
It was my belief that Erik Haaest had been legally gagged some years ago - he really was quite openly defamatory about the author Sven Hassell and his claimed military service.

Amongst many other things, Haaest suggested that SH was in fact a Wermacht Walt with no military service, a Danish traitor by virtue of his (voluntary) German military service and that Hassell's wife was in fact the author of the books.

This new site appears to be little more than salacious publicity for a newly published work of fiction based on Haaest's previous anti Hassell rantings.

The Hassell books, whilst importing a sense of real WW2 events and people, were hopelessly awry with the timelines and sequencing of events. Faded memories? Perhaps. Fiction? Almost certainly.

Compulsory reading for young cold war warriors though - are they still in print these days?
jimmys_best_mate said:
HappyNomad said:
Compulsory reading for young cold war warriors though - are they still in print these days?
Yep, reprinted a couple of years ago
they turn up on egay for less than a quid all the time, well worth a re-read just for the laffs.


You mean they're fictional?
Fuck! That's another dream shattered.

Oh well, the Easter Bunny will be here soon.


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All I see is a mad looking fcuker with a nazi hat on and some vintage scud magazines in the top right of the screen.

Am I missing something?


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That's an interesting place for her to keep her keys. At least finding them in the dark would be fun.


Of course he made them up.

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story eh?

Read them all more than twice in my formative years, along with Willy Bertholdt, Otto Stahl and all those other blood thirsty boys 8O

And I turned out alright didn't I mother ? :twisted:


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I thought Sven Hassel was a pen name for an english author...


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I grew up on a diet of Sven Hassel, and even as a young teenager had figured out that he could not have been in all those places when he said he was, and that these where works of fiction.

At no point throughout the publication of ANY of the Sven Hassel books has anyone ever said they were factual, historical accounts.

What they are, however, are very, very realistic stories, based upon factual accounts that provide the reader with a true sense of the nature of the conflict. He goes to some lengths to provide the reader with an image of the horror of the conflict, the hand-to-hand fighting, the crimes against humanity, the starvation and deprivation and the manner in which German soldiers dealt with them.

I always thought that one or two of the books had a good deal more to do with the author's direct experience that with many of the other ones, just in the detail within them and the manner in which the sotries where told.

I honestly believe that any factual historical accounts of the fighting from Stalingrad to Rommel's army of the desert, from the German perspective, will tally very well with his books, if only in the day-to-day minutai of detail. The NKVD murders, the fear of the T34 tanks, the frozen, corps-littered Steppes, the ferocity of the house-to-house fighting of Stalingrad, the furious battles of Monte Cassino, the whoring, the fleeting love affairs amidst the ruins, the utter destruction of villages and towns, the inhuman treatment of the civilian populations. The Sven Hassel books bring to the reader, especially the younger ones, the very essence of WW2 from the German perspective, for the individual soldier in a Penal Battalion.

Whatever this anti-Sven bloke is on about, he's not being fair.

Edited to add: Based on Mr Deputy's description of Mrs Hassel - yeah, I'd do her!
Archimedes said:
Chris - you may be thinking of Charles Whiting, who wrote as Leo Kessler (amongst several other pen names).
I seem to recal that in one of leo Kesslers books (one of the mater ones, about a regt called SS Europa?) there was a character called Sven Hassel? or did I dream that?

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