Suzy Wong,Church Crookham

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Shirt_KF, Mar 18, 2003.

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  1. Any 80's MT wallahs recall the mental Oriental bint that used to prowl the perrimeter fence at 56 MT,attempting to lure young lads into the woods?.Scared the sHit out of me she did.Fat sweaty Scammel ops had fewer scruples & she put many a smile on the the faces of downgraded 20-year embittered full-screws.
          Had to mention this 'cos I think she's moved in across the road and keeps waving at me.Help.
  2. KF,  I remember her!

    Apparantly, she had her own room in the block at the Ghurka camp over the road.

    I did guard at 56 once and one of the blokes reckoned he got a BJ through the fence while on a roaming Patrol from her.

    Those were the days....
  3. Very probably true.Chain link fence, pity it wasn't wired up to the mains :eek: :eek:

    And that guard room at 56.......urgh. It stank of haybox meals,feet & ****. Absolute squalor.
  4. speaking of psycho kn0b gobblers-does anyone remember mad mary at maidstone?
  5. Or the equally mad (or sad) Mute of the ????? Bar in Nicosia - Totally deaf.

    Some BRITCON guys (Paras) pretended to put some music in the juke box, she was then convinced by a couple of blokes to 'dance'. Half way through the non existent song they sat down leaving her whirling around with her t1ts out all on her own.  ;D ;D

    A bizarre sight but very funny after a few Keos and a few more brandy sours
  6. Fadgaf

    Sounds like my ex-wife. What year(s) are we talking about & what pubs did she lurk in?
  7. Then there was the Black widow at Chatham......
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  8. she loitered in the club at the back of the badger and honeypot also known to frequent the bull must have had a thing for pikeys and bill oddies i know several planties and mt heads from the fighting 61st that nailed it also the legend of the road cone in the royal mail parking lot
  9. didnt she marry a toffee wrapper whose old man was an rsm in the corps?
  10. I heard that as well.

    Daddy/Sir wasn't too impressed apparantly
  11. YO YO suzie wong thats a name that raises the hackels on the nape of me neck. she had harier hands than a baboon.Any one know spunk sponge from NI???? :-X
  12. Is she the pads wife that used to clean the blocks and get scuttled by all the blokes while hubby was p155ed in 43's bar?
  13. Let it not  be said the Royal Engineers don't attract a special class of chick .

    Any advances on The Preying Mantis of Dusseldorf :-[
    Guilty, plus two other cases to be taken into consideration.  
  14. How come Snappers seem to attract all the most interesting birds? Mind you, Suzy Wong gave BJ's only to those whose knob would fit through the holes in chain link fencing...
  15. Hehehehe that bloke got caught by the SSM and got charged for parts of him being AWOL............ 1987 i believe!!!! LMAO Good times!!