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Suzi Quatro vs. Joan Jett

OK, which?

  • Suzi?

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Joan?

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  • Total voters
I would have put this in the NAAFI but any young blade would lose their virginity or snap their c0ck just oggling these delish' women.

They caused me to spill a lot of young man fluid and crust up my duvet at a time when I was not quite sure what my penis was really for. They're still rocking today and exceptional MILFS. I wonder if they'd want to meet up with me... again.

This is how I found Suzi waiting for me in my room when I was 14...

Joan also had a thing for me at about the same time...
Joan Jett better than Suzi in her leathers? Are you insane or is the Alzheimers playing up again?

Mind you the idea of Joan beating Suzi whilst wearing leather is strangely compelling. :)
Suzi. Just look at that coquettish tilt to the head. Pure filth and loving it.

Mind you, Joan looks like she has that 'unpruned topiary' look favoured of 70s porn. A bit of retro is no bad thing.
Well 'lookswise' I have seen pictures of both where they looked good, and conversely where they looked as though they had been hit with a sack of spanners.

Joan looked hot as hell on the cover of 'Up Your Alley' - and in the video of I Hate Myself for Loving You' from that album...

Tough one.... but will go with Joan, preferred her music anyway.

How about Lita Ford - another "rock goddess" from way back....

Pararegtom said:
i first saw suzi live in Berlin 1978, fantastic, saw here 3 months ago rough as a badgers arrse
Yeah and I am sure that you have matured like a good wine in the same period?

In 1978 I could eat barbed wire and p!ss nails.

Now I eat iron tablets and it feels like I a p1ssing barbed wire :)

I doubt it is much different for you, Unless you were 8 or something.?
Pararegtom said:
i first saw suzi live in Berlin 1978, fantastic, saw here 3 months ago rough as a badgers arrse
Maybe it's just me but I tend to work from memory, sometimes the rougher and dirtier the better with a little chubbyness and a few wrinkles thrown in. As long as she can hold it all in with those tight leathers (sod it if it all falls out when unzipped) then I'm up for the ride.

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