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Has anyone used or got the Suunto X9Mi? Expensive little buggers. I would like to get a "heads up" before I consider buying one.
I can confirm that; two of my friends have broken Suuntos in almost normal use; one in a shallow dive (5 m !), one while ski jumping a small bump; I sold mine after that and went back to my old G-Shock !


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I have a suunto observer, have had it for a couple of years,
not a bad watch, though i have not used most of the functions.
It stood up well to a couple of very rough tours, only negative whilst in Iraq, the temperature reading was constantly about 8 degrees hotter than your average thermometer.
and the clasp has now worn out (but it is covered by warranty)

To be honest its a good watch, but it is expensive bling, i would just get a G-Shock if i were you.
I do have a Suunto Mosquito watch/dive computer. I have many dives logged on it and do like it! I like that you can change batteries and select nitrox and/or air. It keeps good time and can be set for dual time zones. (GMT) It has many good other features for a dive computer as well.

I think its no longer sold by Suunto, however, I think the more expensive 'Stinger' model is still sold.

That said, I see a lot of negative reports on other military websites on the X9Mi. If you really need the GPS feature, you don't have a lot of choices in watches.

Maybe a G-Shock and a good handheld Garmin GPS, would be a better option?


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The other option for a cheap suunto, if it is what you are really after.

The factory is around the corner from me and they very often have stock sell off in the factory shop, i can keep my ear to the ground and see if any come up.

Though the factory is owned by wilson, so normally the sale has things like golf clubs etc as the key item.

Im not sure when the next sale will be but i will try and find out.
I'm looking at the newer version, the X10Mi. It is getting far better reviews than the model it replaced.

As for the Pro Trek Solar Power, my advice is DON'T DO IT!!

I am a Casio G Shock fan but have got rid of my Pro Trek because of the solar power issues I was having. It was great whilst on tour, getting plenty of sun/light to keep it charged, however, back here in wintry Europe where it was mostly covered by my sleeve or under the quilt through the night, it was always going into power saving mode.

In the end I had to take it off when I came home and prop it under a lamp to get a bit of charge. The number of times I forgot and went out without it was getting to be a PITA. I had it checked and it was not faulty but the dealer did say I wasn't the first person who had had this problem.

I was glad to get half my money back via eBay! I've gone back to my trusty Traser but as it is getting on for 12 years old, it isn't as bright as it used to be. Hence the X10Mi.

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