Suunto Core replacement watch strap

The strap on my Suunto Core has finally given way after several years of use/abuse and I need to look for a replacement.
The thing is, I don't want to use the stock strap as I hate the rubber feel of it, and would much rather have somthing leather/cloth. Has anyone had to replace theirs and found anything beyond the direct replacements available online (and if I have to spend almost £18 on a watch strap I want it to be more than bloody rubber!), and if so where did you source it?
Hmmm not sure about that. It does look as if it's tied to the wrist with a piece of string. I'd be happier with something actually fitted and in scale with the watch itself.
What I meant (and should have said, with hindsight) was that £18 for a piece of rubber was expensive. I don't mind paying for a decent strap.
Wowsers! I gotta get me one of them. It's simply made for pubs!

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