Suufering for your Art

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Exploding_Blancmange, Dec 21, 2007.

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  1. While perusing Wikipedia I found this young lady.

    Wikipedia link

    I have seen her movies a couple of times, should I let this little fact dissuade me from further perusal?
  2. When the Good Lord was designing people you would have thought that realising that he'd designed a rather stupid thing that He would have marked it "Exit - not entrance"
  3. i'd still stick it in her...
  4. Wow - check out her list of films - she is a busy girl!
  5. as a radiographer i spent some time at St Marks bowel hospital in Londinium, where we used to do a procedure called a defaecating proctogram! This involved shoving a load of barium paste up a (usually gay) blokes arrse then sitting him on a radio-lucent toilet and x-raying him while he had a crap to assess sphincter damage!!! If ONLY i'd had a video camera, i could have been quids in!!!
  6. With a hoop like a dustbin I wouldn't have thought she'd have any trouble sh1tting.......Probably happen every time she sneezed....or coughed....or walked etc etc.
  7. i bet they used to have to shove tampax up there to stop them following through all the time! 8O
  8. tampax....that'd be like dangling a maggot in a dustbin with some of them!
  9. bloody hell!!could never be gay,i couldn,t stand the pain! :omg:
  10. Really want to feel sorry for her, but i keep on laughing