Sustained carpert bombing a la Harris

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by scrofula, Aug 6, 2008.

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  1. Go on, name a place. Apart from Bradlamabad I nominate Poland. Don't be shy now chaps.....
  3. Shit the ground crew look like they've been on speed.....never seen loading faster than that!
  4. Washington
  5. Londonistan
  6. Houses of Parliment, Pretoria, South Africa,
    When all the ministers are inside
  7. I second Poland, Krakow to be specific.
    Filthy, corrupt, overpriced, pikey infested, pseudo Irish pub ridden, rude, not even very old, either -20 or 35 degree dump.
  8. Was that a gross of neutron bombs yoiu requested there Howler? No need to sign.
  9. The "Oxfordonians", that enemy that strangely were always 1/3 of the strength I had available with small arms (spaccers) and maybe light vehicles. Sustained carpet bombing would have been even easier than a "quick tactical assessment of the ground" followed by "two up, bags of smoke"

    Strangely stratigical bombing was never an option
  10. I would settle for "Rolling Thunder" a B52 with about 30 x 1000lbs bombs.
    On Washington.
    Or where ever the Shrub is lurking at the moment.
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Warsaw - not seen enough war, and yes, full of stag-night wnakers, McDonalds, sh!t western stores, pikeys, Irish pubs and dirty old ladies in dirty public toilets demanding money and pretending they've cleaned them!

  12. Poland does seem to be coming in for a spanking, doesn't it? Can't begin to think why............
  13. Derby they are very thick and yes I am new
  14. Hi,
    are neutron bombs still sold by the gross? showing your age a bit there.

    Speaking of pseudo Irish pubs, one of these in Krakow has a big smiling portrait of Gerry Adams on the wall above the bar.
    Doesn't bother me as I don't go in, but the place is packed to the rafters with drunk brits every night.
    The owner makes a fortune, I know him through business and he doesn't hide his views. He f*cking hates Brits and they are making him rich :cry: