Sussex police - you are useless

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Oct 2, 2005.

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  1. I hope this does not extend to all constabularies but it probably does.

    From the Mail on Sunday:

    1. In Brighton, 600 people were detained under Section 44 of the 2000 Terrorism Act.
    2. None were arrested or charged.
    3. One example was the 80 year old detained for wearing an anti Bush/Bliar T-shirt and carrying a sketch pad.

    No wonder that the Underground was blown up once - nearly twice. The cops are either a complete bunch of fcukwits or intent on imposing an oppressive anti-dissent regime. I believe that it is both.

    A legal challenge against S44 is to be heard by the House of Lords in 2006. This piece of sh!t must be thrown out. Any cops using the law in this manner must be deranged incompetent Nazi tw@ts and should be wearing brownshirts. No wonder the bombers in London were able to strike out of nowhere - the forces of law and order are too busy cracking down on any anti-Bliar dissent and alienating most of the country.

    Ken Jones (Chief Constable of Sussex) - you are a useless c**t. Any copper involved in these detentions - f*** off and join the Nazi Party where you belong.
  2. This is what Bliar said to his Gestapo minions on the Sussex Constabulary website:

  3. "intent on imposing an oppressive anti-dissent regime"

    In my veiw it was some time ago that the police stopped protecting the populace from real criminals and turned into a mechanism for bending the populace to the ruling party's wishes. As such i'm not in anyway suprised by those statistics.
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Sussex police unfortunately have been infected with the I am The Law Judge Dredd attitude virus for a few years now.The real problem is having one police force investigate another, Jobs for the boys nudge nudge wink wink! The worst thing is they always tend to believe the aschloch that tries to fit you up rather than ever follow up a complaint for malicious prosecution and waste of taxpayers money!
  5. If they were any good, they'd have looked the other way while a sweating tanned man with a rucksack went to say hello to Bliar and the Politburo
  6. The original Old Bill conjured up by Bobby Peel in 1829 were, essentially, a private army of rent-a-thugs whose main task was to protect the property and privleges of the rich. That's remained their remit to this day.
    I sometimes wonder why the Old Bill moan about the negative public image they've managed to carve for themselves, and episodes like this won't exactly endear the w@nkers to the population either.

  7. having used section 44 powers on numerous occasions in hampshire (and a little bit into surrey)it is a useful tool in the police armoury these powers are constantly under review via chief constables and are fully auditable
  8. I feel a case of NIMBY here.

    Just remember what you have done and are doing in Iraq!
    Blairs Brown Shirts on tour!!

  9. I don't think arresting people because they are wearing a "B0ll0cks to Blair" T shirt is a "useful tool", the whole bLair goverment has become such a control freak that if it doesn't stop they might just start useing football stadiums ala South America to detain people.
  10. perhaps the worst thing about section 44 powers is the fact that it removes from the police any need for a "reasonable suspicion" before a search - that cant be good for society, it means that if the chief constable gives authorisation, everone in that area becomes a "suspect"

    noone should be hassled by the police without good reason to do so - the days of "papieren bitte" are coming ever closer in this country, what with ID cards, internment without trial, summary punishment without recourse to an independent judiciary - it really is a slippery slope!
  11. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Aren't these the same coppers who short the naked man dead in his own bedroom, in Lewes,and who later claimed that he was armed?
  12. If enough people say "fcuk off, stick your S44 up your arrse" then it would become unworkable.
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Thats the one, shot for being in possession of a naked body a scouse accent in bed in Hastings, which unfortunately is no crime at all. The one that the family said was a saint and the cops claimed was a murderer! Now if you are Home sec you then reinforce public confidence by getting those clowns to investigate the met over the chair leg shooting! Come back West Midland serious crime squad, at least everyone new you were bent!
    It must be difficult to be a copper on this board sometimes but no doubt had we the internet when I served then I suppose I'd have had the odd difficult moment!

    Comes to a sorry state when you cant trust cops or the law to protect you!
  14. I am sure lots of coppers hate some of the stuff that is being forced on them just like squaddies being forced to drive petrol tankers when they probably agree with protesters! If hunting with dogs should continue (if only for rabbits or with long eared owls) and the police find it impossible to police hunts in the countryside, I would not be suprised if the Army were called in under MACP.
  15. They dont mind pulling me over on my m/bike at every opportunity they get though, lazy gits..