Suspicious vials found

US troops say they have found thousands of boxes of unidentified white powder and some nerve agent antidote at an industrial site south-west of Baghdad.
They also said they discovered documents in Arabic, which apparently explain how to carry out chemical warfare.

Blimey, have they just found the Ba'ath Party crack house? White powder - Hmmmmm

"Get that up your nose Saddam, that'll clear yer sinuses" lol

Would account for some of the more outrageous statements from their information ministry

Or it could be silicagel?

What sort of Chem/Bio Wep comes in white powder form?


It ould be an ingredient for a Chem/bio weapon that requires others to be added to make it lethal. If my aging copy of "Survive to fight" is accurate, most chemical weapons come in liquid or gaseous form.

Mind you, it may be something as simple as DKP powder.

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