suspicious new members!



Call the SIB in..some newbies are very opinionated..just like old hands, maybe they have been on this site before as another name? opinions please :D
Well I've only got 300 & something posts so I'm not alowed an opinion yet... am I ? :roll:
Some 'interesting' new members, who come with 'interesting' opinions - None have made my Norton Anti BB Pro (Notsosnowwhite version) go ballistic yet though.

Ex, I can have an opinion on the basis of time done - not posts made :p
but still a ponce :D
I concede, but that doesn't include me :D
Okay lads, I confess, I'm not really a 22yr old migrant...I'm a 30-something psycopathic bunny boiler married to someone in SF! Honest! :p
ok caught me I under estimated the intelligence on this site, I am really a left wing commie loving one legged believer that transvestites have the right to be who they like, who joined the ACF and was not promoted (or fondled :cry: ) on my first day so left in total dissalluisonment.
However I hold the right to be heard based on the fact that its a free country (isnt it ?)

ps... Gunny you do need help ............ a smack to the knees before the head blow would greatly increase the pain factor, and make people think you are a martial arts expert. :lol:

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