suspicious new members!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by ex-dvr, Nov 18, 2003.

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  1. Call the SIB in..some newbies are very opinionated..just like old hands, maybe they have been on this site before as another name? opinions please :D
  2. Well I've only got 300 & something posts so I'm not alowed an opinion yet... am I ? :roll:
  3. no your not PP so stay with your drivel.. :D you got to be a war hero at least!! :D
  4. I've noticed them too ! I'm SURE one of them is that nut case, SF lover who is worried about her personal security.
  5. Gunny, I've just seen that cartoon in your posts. You need to go and speak to someone.
  6. Help me. Please. Help me.
  7. Some 'interesting' new members, who come with 'interesting' opinions - None have made my Norton Anti BB Pro (Notsosnowwhite version) go ballistic yet though.

    Ex, I can have an opinion on the basis of time done - not posts made :p
  8. And that's 250 up - so I am half a war hero
  9. but still a ponce :D
  10. The more medals the bigger the ponce - count Flash's
  11. I concede, but that doesn't include me :D
  12. Er hum, I heard that blacky!

    Quality not quantity mdn. :lol:
  13. Okay lads, I confess, I'm not really a 22yr old migrant...I'm a 30-something psycopathic bunny boiler married to someone in SF! Honest! :p
  14. ok caught me I under estimated the intelligence on this site, I am really a left wing commie loving one legged believer that transvestites have the right to be who they like, who joined the ACF and was not promoted (or fondled :cry: ) on my first day so left in total dissalluisonment.
    However I hold the right to be heard based on the fact that its a free country (isnt it ?)

    ps... Gunny you do need help ............ a smack to the knees before the head blow would greatly increase the pain factor, and make people think you are a martial arts expert. :lol:
  15. gunny IS a martial arts expert........ :D