Suspicious Delays at Passport Control

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Scavenger, Jul 29, 2013.

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  1. Are there any UKBA on here?


    When my son goes through passport control to enter the UK, and his passport is scanned, it takes longer than everyone else. I was with him last week, everyone in the queue ahead simply had their passport scanned, and then it came to us, and his took longer. I'm only talking seconds, but the delay was because the UKBA officer read something on his computer, typed something, and then returned his passport. I've seen it happen to him once before, and he tells me it happens every time he enters the UK. He says he's never been asked anything unusual and the automatic machines let him through ok.

    So, any ideas? He's 25, and "as far as I know" has never been in trouble. He travels a lot and has started to get a bit anxious when going through, so I said I'd try and find out why. There's no immigration type forum that I can find on the interweb, so ARRSE it is!

    Is my son the next de Menezes?

  2. If he is good looking they could be mates of Jarrod looking for him on grinder.
  3. Choice of countries verse the time spent in each of them. If you think our border force are strict, try the exconvicts down under or our cousins across the pond:)
  4. what countries has he been to? If your that concerned you can always write to the UKBA under the FoI and request any and all notes etc that are kept about your son.
  5. Not sure about my bold as when the UKBA get a good 'hit' they update 'that system' in the back office that SB seem to hang around, not sure a lot of that would be shared.
  6. Scavenger,

    FoI is the route to take but expect to be fobbed off with them refusing said information citing Section 40 Sub-section 2 of the 2000 Act. This is a catch all section that all government department use when they do not want to part with information as it talks about "personal information," third-parties and the public interest test. However if the person requesting the information is the person the information appertains to then this section can not apply. The course of action then is to request an "Internal Review" stating that if the "review" arrives at the same conclusion then application will be made to the Information Commissioner, Wilmslow asking for an "Independent Investigation".

    Your government shouts that it is open and transparent so let us see them prove that is the case.
  7. Once again, the world expert in **** all joins in. Ever work for a UK gov department and deal with FoI requests? Thought not......
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  8. The same name as a person of interest? Photo comes up, UKBA man types 'not him' and carries on?

    Put his name into Google and see if he's famous.
  9. Is there any subject that you do not have 'expert' opinion on?..You are seriously deluded and second only to Blonde Bint in dangerous bollocks spouted!
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  10. Does he look like an Englishman?
  11. Please engage brain before opening mouth.

    I have made more FoI requests of your Government for information than you ever will. I have learnt the procedure by making mistakes. Just so everyone is aware of the timescales: A government department has 20 working days to provide an answer to a request otherwise they are in breach of the Act and can be penalized by the Commissioner. If an "Internal Review" is requested then said review must be completed within 40 working days. Again failure to comply leaves open to be penalized.

    The easiest way to make a FoI request is to use Register with your correct details, pseudonyms, incorrect addresses and fake e-mail addresses DO NOT work. Once registered - you will be sent a confirmation e-mail which requires confirmation on the website, then you are ready to go. Select the government department or council you require and make your request. You will receive automated e-mails when any action is made on your request. The site also guides you through the procedures and gives you tips.
  12. FoI and DPA Subject Access Requests are two completely different things.

    FFS, even google would have told you that before spouting bullshit.
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  13. I had a similar experience a month or so ago returning from Spain. I chose to use the e-gate on return to Bristol, and the light immediately went to red, and I was sent off for a 2 minute chat with the lady at the counter; where have you been, who with, how long for etc etc.

  14. FoI will not release personally confidential information under any circumstances. It is against the Data Protection Act, which is the law you need to find out what information is held about oneself. Nor will FoI release information that would jepordise operational effectiveness or national security.
  15. I have noticed mine is a bit slow in being handed back too. As I'm no longer a jihadi I cant think why I would be so interesting.

    Flying back to Stansted from France a few years ago I was greeted by a non swimmer in badly fitting UKBA uniform who while my passport was whirring up to make the required yes/no decision for him, asked me in a broad "African sounding accent" whether I had residency rights in UK. The saucy ****** !!!

    Also, while I'm here doing my Outraged of Horsham routine , has anyone else noticed what a scruffy bunch of gyppo scumbags the UKBA staff look ?

    Earrings, long greasy hair, slept in uniform, general dogshit attitude

    In my day they would have been flogged, harrumph.
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