Suspicious arrest at G20 Demonstrations, September 24, 2009

Saw it on the other day and to be honest it doesn't look that suspicious, especially in the middle of a crowd.
He was probably singled out as being the gobbiest one and bundled off.
I don't believe anyone could be so naive to believe this is an actual event.

This was completely staged event by, put together by an amateur video crew with some agenda.

Look closely at the video...the 2 "agents" appear from out of the crowd as the automobile drives up, into the mob. Would the mob allow the auto to enter into their midst? Would the mob allow 2 "agents" to pick up one member of the mob to take him?

Would any "protester" go so passively?

Would the driver leave the auto? Never!

This is an hoax. Of course, real arrser's already know that.
Staged? the only thing missing was the adverts. FFS no doubt some 10 year old will think this is real.

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